Secure Payment methods - Speck-Sports

Whatever the payment method used to finalize your order on the website, we confirm that the transaction is secure.

When you are in your shopping cart, you can select a payment method directly after entering your shipping information. Speck-Sports offers several secure payment methods.

We will only propose payment methods compatible with your country of delivery in your basket.

Discover our different payment methods :

Payment by credit card

This is the most common method of payment on the Internet. At Speck-Sports, we offer the payment of your purchases by credit card, whether it is a credit card, Visa or MasterCard.

We have chosen a partner such as Monetico Paiement to ensure a secure transaction. Indeed, Monetico uses the TLS encryption system allowing you to enter your bank details in complete security. Finally, the 3D Secure protocol completes this system by asking you to authenticate yourself with a confidential code.

How to proceed to the payment by credit card on the site ?

  1. Click on the payment by credit card : you will be redirected to the secured site of Monetico Paiement.
  2. Fill in your banking information (card number, expiration date, cryptogram)
  3. Proceed to the 3D Secure verification.
Payment by Paypal

By having a card or an account attached to PayPal you will not have to communicate your bank details during your online purchases.

When you proceed to the payment of your order at Speck-Sports, you will only have to connect to your secure Paypal space to validate your purchase.

How to pay an order with PayPal ?

  1. When you reach the payment step in your cart, click on the button "Pay by card or PayPal account".
  2. Connect to your Paypal account or pay by credit card
  3. Confirm your payment to finalize your purchase at Speck-Sports
Payment by bank wire

You can pay your order by a classic bank wire from your bank. This payment method is available for all countries (except France, Spain and Italy). It is the only payment method for the United States.

The processing of the order is longer because of the processing time of the banks, your order will be shipped upon receipt of the transfer.

How to pay by bank transfer ?

  1. Confirm the summary and the amount by clicking on "I confirm my order".
  2. Make a bank transfer from your bank to the amount of the order by indicating the reference of your order in the object of the transfer.

Payment by Amazon Pay

With your Amazon account, you will be able to pay for your purchases on the Speck-Sports website quickly and easily. To ensure a secure transaction, Amazon will not share your full credit/debit card or bank account numbers. Speck-Sports will only have the information needed to process the order.

How do I pay with Amazon Pay ?

Save time in your shopping cart by going directly to checkout with your Amazon information.

  1. Click on the Amazon Pay button after your order summary: you will be redirected to the Amazon login page
  2. Confirm your shipping address and payment method registered on Amazon to validate your order.
Payment 3 times without fees

Only with a French credit card.

From 100€ of purchase on the site Speck-Sports, you will have the possibility of spreading your payment in 3 times without expenses with our partner Cofidis.

The installments will then be taken automatically. Note that the first monthly payment is debited as soon as your order is validated. The two other payments will be taken 30 days and 60 days after the order.

In the event that your credit card expires before the third payment, the payment will be refused and your order cancelled. We inform you that in the event of unpaid invoices, the amount that will be requested in collection will correspond to the totality of the remaining sum due. In addition, collection fees will be charged.

How to pay in 3 times without fees by credit card ?

In your shopping cart, after having selected your delivery method, you can choose your payment method.

  1. Click on the payment 3 times by credit card: you will be redirected to the secure site of Cofidis and will be able to know the amount of the 3 monthly payments.
  2. Fill in all the information requested to validate your payment
Secure instant transfer by Fintecture

In the case of a traditional bank transfer, Speck-Sports ships the goods as soon as the payment is received. This delay can unfortunately be sometimes quite long depending on the banking institutions. Therefore, we have chosen to opt for the instant bank transfer. This secure payment method is immediate. You will not have to wait several days for your order to be processed, it will follow its course with the same speed as other payment methods.

Fintecture is a payment solution by immediate transfer approved by the Bank of France. This payment method is only available for France, Spain and Italy.

How to pay by bank transfer ?

With Fintecture, pay your purchases directly from your secure bank space:

  1. Select your bank
  2. Identify yourself with your usual bank identifiers
  3. Validate the transaction
  4. Your payment is confirmed.

The main advantages for you to pay with Fintecture are :

- You are not limited in the amounts of your purchases unlike the credit card

- You don't have to enter your IBAN and your order is processed immediately unlike a classic bank transfer