1 month Visorando trial offered !

Thanks to the partnership between Speck-Sports and Visorando, enjoy the best hiking experience ever.

How to take advantage of the offer ?

1) Buy a backpack* on the Speck-Sports website

2) Click on the activation link sent by email

3) Create your account on the Visorando website

4) Enjoy the experience during 1 month** !


More about Visorando :

This Alsatian company has developed a website and an application dedicated to hiking. With Visorando, you will have the possibility to discover many routes everywhere in France and abroad. Prepare your excursions by visualizing the route you will have to take. Consult the photos of the other users to give you an idea of the landscape which will be offered to you.

Visorando also allows you to create and share itineraries in order to let other users benefit from your discovery places. More info

*Subject to availability. If the backpack is not available when your order is shipped, the offer cannot be applied.
**1 month offered from the date of activation of your account on the Visorando website. In case of difficulties on the Visorando website, we invite you to contact directly their services.