The outdoor sports affiliate program.

We help you generate revenue through your website or community of enthusiasts with Speck-sports Affiliate.

At Speck-sports, we have a true ambition: to offer quality products and service to all outdoor sports enthusiasts. We continuously develop our catalogs based on your needs, regardless of your activity.

Do you own or manage a website or blog in the outdoor sports industry? Join our affiliate program now! Monetize your traffic and advertising space by offering your visitors quality offers in partnership with Speck-sports.

- Sign up with no fees or obligations in just a few clicks.

- Track your performance with a personalized dashboard.

- We create banners tailored to your needs and technical constraints of your website.

- We offer a 5% commission on sales (excluding taxes and shipping fees).

- Attribution period of 15 days. At Speck-sports, we understand that purchasing sports equipment is an important decision that often requires careful consideration. Purchases made through an affiliate link are attributed to the content creator for a duration of 15 days from the moment the visitor clicks on that link.

- Restrictions: Affiliates may not use affiliate links directly in SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Display, Shopping, or any other form of paid or sponsored promotion. However, affiliates may promote their own content.

Example: An affiliate can purchase the keyword "ski" and create a promotional link to their article on that topic. However, they cannot purchase the keyword "ski" and directly link to our site through an affiliate link.

In SEM campaigns or others, the partner may not bid on the keywords "Speck-sports" and any variations of our brand name.

No comparison sites, cashback sites, or couponing. Application subject to approval.

To sign up:
It's easy. Create an account on speck-sports.com, go to the "My Account" section, then "Become an Affiliate," and follow the instructions.