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Women\'s snowboard boots
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  • Equip yourself with these BOOTS IVY BOA SJ BOA snowboard boots from Salomon. High performance and extremely comfortable, they allow you to exceed your limits.

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  • Specially designed with a pinch of femininity, Northwave's snowboard boots offer freedom of movement, lightness and ultimate comfort.

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  • The Lasso snowboard boots from Ride are ideal for the pro or casual snowboarder. Combining comfort, flexibility and durability, they are key accessories to enhance your performance on the slopes.

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  • Experience the snowy slopes with these Altai W boots from Nidecker. They are both impact resistant and offer you the comfort you need to ride for long hours.

  • Experience the snowy slopes with these Cascade W boots from Nidecker. They are both impact resistant and offer you the comfort you need to ride for long hours.

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  • The Nitro MONARCH TLS are ultra-comfortable snowboard boots for women. They offer you a lot of freedom of movement, so you can ride all day long.

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  • Progress quickly in your snowboarding by wearing the Burton MINT BOA BLACK snowboard boots! They are light and comfortable.

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  • The Burton LIMELIGHT BOA BLACK snowboard boots are perfect for high level women riders looking for a versatile and flexible boot.

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  • Take on the slopes with ease and increase your performance by wearing the Step On Limelight snowboard boots from Burton. They effectively support your feet while providing maximum comfort.

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  • The K2 Belief snowboard boots have been specially designed for women. You will appreciate the warmth and comfort of this snowboard boot throughout your session on the slopes.

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  • The Head ZORA BOA snowboard boots for women are excellent for mountain activities. They have a stylish design and are very practical.

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  • Salomon Boots IVY BOA SJ BOA BLACK
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    These Salomon IVY BOA SJ BOA boots for women are a must-have in the Salomon collection. They will fit you like a glove whether you are a professional freestyle snowboarder or a beginner.

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  • The Nitro CYCPRESS BOA DUAL snowboard boots are designed for women looking for a snowboarding experience that combines comfort, lightness and stability.

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  • Discover the FLORA BOA snowboard boots by Nitro. This boot is a very affordable and comfortable entry-level boot for women for your riding sessions this winter.

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  • The GALORE LYT BOA from Head is a snowboard boot for women. Distinguished by its lightness and comfort, it is intended for snowboarders of a beginner-intermediate level. 

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