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  • Men's sportswear

    Men's Sportswear

    Do you have a traditional look, a casual athleisure style, or just a casual sportswear style? In all these cases, our selection of clothing will satisfy you because it does not compromise between style and functionality. You can refresh your locker room with many brand name clothes: Superdry, Quiksilver, Tommy Hifliger, Henjl and many others. You will find soft and comfortable mottled polycotton t-shirts like the one offered by Eider (Eider Yulton Tee blue); nineties Superdry style polo shirts in a more streetwear style; checkered shirts from Mammut (Lenni) that stand out as the fashionable motif of the moment, or thin, elegant, lightweight Jott jackets that will protect you from the cold and wind thanks to their down and moisture and rain thanks to their depilatory coating.

    For this summer, you will have the choice between 3 colours of JOTT swimming shorts that will be up to the task when swimming, but also to walk along the ocean with style and relaxation. Remember that swimming shorts are not allowed in French municipal swimming pools.

    If you are not too much of a beach, and prefer summer escapades to the mountains, you can count on Henjl brand clothing. All products are manufactured in France or Europe. The brand pays particular attention to the quality of the clothes. Yes yes, Henjl uses merino wool for most of its clothing, which has many merits and advantages, whether 100% or in a mixture for making clothes. Merino wool, it should be remembered, brings warmth and comfort in cold weather, and freshness in hot weather. As mountain weather can be unstable, Henjl's Diddley sweatshirt will be a great ally. Indeed, knitted in virgin wool and laminated with a 100% windproof breathable waterproof membrane, this innovative and elegant technical garment will protect you from the wind and cold.

    In fact, several iconic pieces have resurfaced in the men's locker room. You can wear a checkered shirt with jeans and a Jott down jacket for a complete and modern look. Consider hemming the ankles for an even more trendy effect.
    You have the possibility to renew essentials, whether you are in the mountains, on the beach or in the city. For all men who do not compromise on style, comfort and technique, gentlemen, you are at the right place to find the best ones.

  • Women's sportswear

    Women's Fashion

    Are you ready to move from the city to the countryside, from the beach to the mountains, from the gym to the pool in no time at all? If so, you will necessarily find your happiness among a very wide selection of clothes, chosen with care; so that each of you can find the right shoe for you.

    In terms of trends, it was the 1990s that made a comeback in women's fashion. Tribal prints are also remembered on the catwalk catwalks. But we will avoid the total Jungle look by combining more sober clothes, for a more modern look. The Banana Moon Mullaly Frezia blouse is an ideal choice combined with jeans or white shorts. In addition, graphic touches are illustrated through numerous stripes, grid patterns that are endlessly declined on loose pants, long dresses or blouses. No one should limit themselves to vertical stripes, which will have the advantage of refining the silhouette. However, beware of horizontal stripes if you are a little rounder.

    For the timeless
    For an urban style, why not choose clothes from Tommy Hilfiger's ready-to-wear range. Tommy's aesthetic signature is cool, for a legendary and timeless style. Their dresses, jeans and blouses are perfect for being feminine at work or on weekends. Versatility therefore.

    For the bohemian-chic
    Why not put on a little flowery dress or an ethnic blouse? You can twist prints, shapes, colours and materials to be original and modern. Transparency, hooks, and lace are therefore on the agenda. Let your imagination run wild to create a look that will look like you. In summer, you can even choose swimsuits for your trips to the tropics. For your outings to the beach, you can trust Banana Moon swimwear to be colourful and original. The Taeko Teknicolor indigo sensitive jersey seems to be ideal for a good fit with adjustable back straps and a sublime design.
    You can fall for aerial designs when in winter you can find hooks that will keep you warm.

    To offer you a taste of adventure and exoticism, you can discover the Desigual clothing range. Animals come to life on dresses and blouses, when fruits and flowers take root on t-shirts and sweaters. All this nature adorns the brand's clothing, to enhance your silhouette.
    For a night outing in the city, Superdry clothes claim urban glamour in all seasons.

    The clothes you wear will illustrate your personality, identity and mood, while telling a story. Whether you are dreamy, exotic or feminine, it will be a matter of choosing the right clothes to draw your silhouette. Twist universes for a unique look, or combine flagship pieces for urban outfits. It will all be about feeling comfortable, well in your body and in your head.

  • Kids' sportswear

    Junior Sportswear

    Your children's dressings will no longer have anything to envy your dressing room with our selection of junior clothes. We offer you a complete set of t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, sweaters, jackets, pants, shorts, bags and bath products to renew your loulous wardrobe or to make a birthday gift that will please in any case. Clothes, for girls or boys, are no longer just comfortable and practical; they are also ingenious, adapted to their morphology, designs, colourful and in tune with the times.
    Gone are the days when girls' clothes were only pink with glitter, and those of blue and black boys with a car drawn. The brands have completely reinvented the clothes for your children for a dreadful look at school, at sea, in the mountains, in the city or in the countryside. The boys will have a cloakroom worthy of the girls', and the girls will have highly resistant clothes to have fun, run, jump in the playground, like mischievous adventurers. The products we offer you in this selection will satisfy the mischievous and mischievous, the bohemian, the modern, with basic wardrobe or revisited products. You can find clothes for the most feminine, for sportswomen and sportswomen, for fashionistas, for adventurers, reckless people, BCBGs, in all weathers. For example, we love Quiksilber's Tottori Youth parka, which will keep your boy warm all winter long thanks to its microfleece fabric and waterproofing, or the green Icepeak Tasha tee-shirt for girls, which will be perfect for summer and will provide all the necessary comfort during sporting activities.
    Clothes for your girls and boys are durable and can be worn with them in any situation. To protect them from the cold or cool of a spring morning, you can find many models of Jott jackets. The brand's products are timeless and technical because they are made of down.
    They can give it their all in the playground, during a family weekend, during a green class, or during birthdays with their classmates. The clothes are both colourful, with patterns or more sober. Girls and boys alike will be able to dress in style, with attention to detail. In fact, clothes combine comfort, softness, and style, in a relaxed spirit or more dressed to impress guests.

    If you are looking for clothes and accessories for your child or teenager, you have found a good address to dress them from head to toe. We offer you essential items, must have for every season of the year, everyday clothes or for special events, without exploding your wallet.

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  • Shoes

    Fashion shoes

    Whether you are going to have lunch in town, combine it with a meeting, the beach or the mountains, you will find, among a wide selection, the right shoe for you. The products selected by Speck-Sports experts will satisfy both urbanites and rural fans of the great outdoors. Your needs in running shoes, flip-flops, sandals, slippers, sneakers and high sneakers, boots, après-ski and approach and recovery shoes will be satisfied after a few clicks. Everyone will find their own happiness to personalize their style. You will have the choice between cool shoes that go everywhere in the spirit of the times, or more elegant shoes and timeless basics essential in his dressing room to finish an outfit. However, even if each shoe differs, they will all have two common characteristics that are fundamental: the comfort and quality of the materials to be comfortable to wear.
    It is therefore essential to choose the right pair of shoes, first according to your practice, and then for their aesthetics.
    For example, after a long hike or training, a recovery shoe will be more pleasant and appropriate than sneakers. We offer Salomon salvaged shoes that have nothing more to prove. For example, the Salomon RX Slide promotes energy return and offers a soft roll to relieve tired feet. Used as salvaged shoes or as slippers, we are convinced that they will satisfy you.
    If you prefer style, you can enjoy the Colmar shoes, which are increasingly seen at the feet of young people. The Travis Drill sneaker for men is both classic and dynamic. They will be adapted for a casual or even elegant style if worn with mottled pants. Sneakers are currently the great icons of streetwear style, worn by everyone for a resolutely urban chic. These sneakers have left the athletics tracks a few years ago to be worn in the streets of cities.
    Today, with the emergence of new technologies, you can combine style with practicality and technicality. Thus, you can wear a technical winter boot with a very refined design combined with velvet pants to embody natural chic. In fact, the shoes are no longer only technical, but compete in elegance and modernity.
    Shoes embody a way of life, even an art of living. They reinvent themselves with soft, warm or more flashis shades, and invite us to a spring festival. The wide range of colours offers you multiple possibilities to work on your style and enhance your silhouette.

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  • Backpacks - luggage



    In recent years, backpacks have come back to the forefront with their aesthetic comeback. They can no longer be seen only on the backs of schoolchildren and hikers, but also on the backs of the world's greatest fashionistas. Backpacks have taken on a more modern and trendy image than ever before. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the manufacturers have designed bags that are light, robust, ingenious, spacious, versatile and practical and will be ideal for your outings. They will accompany you to work, school, university, races, and even on a walk.

    Having a backpack allows you to be free in your movements and to be comfortable in your actions. The backpack will become your ally in everyday life but also for sports, technical and professional use. These accessories, which have become essential, combine style, comfort and versatility. The models are indeed functional and designed to accompany you on all roads. Functional why? The majority have storage tips such as exterior pockets, reflectors, or adjustable straps. These bags will be suitable for many of your daily activities, so remember to provide one to make it easier for you and your children to go out.

    You will necessarily find the backpack of your dreams among the selection chosen by experts.

    We offer a wide range of bags for women, men and children with brands such as Picture, Superdry, Salomon, Deuter for children, Head and Osprey. For your children, you can choose Deuter's Kikki bag. It will be very suitable for outings to the pool, or short hikes. For your child's safety, this Kikki bag has reflectors on the front and sides.

    In addition, we also offer a range of luggage. To travel in complete relaxation, why not choose a resistant, lightweight, modern bag that protects your belongings? There are now bags particularly suitable for departure and travel, with models with various capacities and functions. The Deuter Helion 80 bag is a great tool for travellers as it is both a suitcase and a backpack. Indeed, under the anti-pinch tab of the zip of the roller bag is hidden an elaborate system for carrying on the back. This bag is easily retractable into a dedicated compartment.

    Whether you prefer elegance or sportswear, you will inevitably find the bag that best meets your expectations.

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  • Men's underwear
  • Women's underwear
  • Sunglasses


    No matter where you live, one day you will need a good pair of sunglasses. They are absolutely essential to protect your eyes from UV rays (A,B,C), which can be very aggressive and harmful to the health of your eyes. Although eyes are naturally protected by the brow bone, eyebrows and eyelashes, it is absolutely essential to protect them more under extreme conditions such as exposure to snow, water and sand.
    That is why a pair of sunglasses should not be chosen at random. They must be adapted to our needs and practices. Indeed, for each sport there is a suitable pair of glasses and lenses. There are different lenses such as polycarbonate lenses that are lightweight, impact-resistant and suitable for all types of outdoor sports. Photochromic lenses darken or lighten according to the intensity of light, which is very interesting when you practice for a whole day. Some are more useful for outdoor sports (water sports, skiing, hiking) and others will be more suitable for everyday life (driving a car). For example, Julbo's Monterosa glasses are highly effective for outdoor sports, especially high mountains with extreme conditions. It will also be adapted to the urban jungle.
    In addition, some glasses have been specially designed for small faces. Julbo's Aerolite glasses are specifically tailored for women with small faces. This is a lightweight bezel that will be forgotten during your trails. The keywords of these glasses are lightness, a sporty look, and technical glasses for various outdoor activities.
    Beyond their technical aspects, you will have the choice between sporty eyewear, or rather with an extravagant look. It's up to you to choose according to your tastes. It should be noted that manufacturers today design eyewear that is stylish, original and also technical using the latest technologies.
    Julbo has also thought of your children's eyes with Turn Turquoise SP3CF flash rose glasses that will be adapted to the morphology of small faces. Your children's eyes will be highly protected with high glasses and curved branches. In addition, these glasses will bring a fashionable style to children with their mirrored coloured lenses. They will have the class on the beach, so they will want to put them on without you asking them.

  • Swimwear
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Showing 1 - 12 of 542 items