Kids' sportswear

Kids' sportswear

Junior Sportswear

Your children's dressings will no longer have anything to envy your dressing room with our selection of junior clothes. We offer you a complete set of t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, sweaters, jackets, pants, shorts, bags and bath products to renew your loulous wardrobe or to make a birthday gift that will please in any case. Cloth...

Junior Sportswear

Your children's dressings will no longer have anything to envy your dressing room with our selection of junior clothes. We offer you a complete set of t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, sweaters, jackets, pants, shorts, bags and bath products to renew your loulous wardrobe or to make a birthday gift that will please in any case. Clothes, for girls or boys, are no longer just comfortable and practical; they are also ingenious, adapted to their morphology, designs, colourful and in tune with the times.
Gone are the days when girls' clothes were only pink with glitter, and those of blue and black boys with a car drawn. The brands have completely reinvented the clothes for your children for a dreadful look at school, at sea, in the mountains, in the city or in the countryside. The boys will have a cloakroom worthy of the girls', and the girls will have highly resistant clothes to have fun, run, jump in the playground, like mischievous adventurers. The products we offer you in this selection will satisfy the mischievous and mischievous, the bohemian, the modern, with basic wardrobe or revisited products. You can find clothes for the most feminine, for sportswomen and sportswomen, for fashionistas, for adventurers, reckless people, BCBGs, in all weathers. For example, we love Quiksilber's Tottori Youth parka, which will keep your boy warm all winter long thanks to its microfleece fabric and waterproofing, or the green Icepeak Tasha tee-shirt for girls, which will be perfect for summer and will provide all the necessary comfort during sporting activities.
Clothes for your girls and boys are durable and can be worn with them in any situation. To protect them from the cold or cool of a spring morning, you can find many models of Jott jackets. The brand's products are timeless and technical because they are made of down.
They can give it their all in the playground, during a family weekend, during a green class, or during birthdays with their classmates. The clothes are both colourful, with patterns or more sober. Girls and boys alike will be able to dress in style, with attention to detail. In fact, clothes combine comfort, softness, and style, in a relaxed spirit or more dressed to impress guests.

If you are looking for clothes and accessories for your child or teenager, you have found a good address to dress them from head to toe. We offer you essential items, must have for every season of the year, everyday clothes or for special events, without exploding your wallet.

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  • Tee shirts - shirts

    Kids T-shirts

    Do you want the best for your children? So think of the range of t-shirts from Speck-Sports that will certainly satisfy your children's desires. We offer tank tops, short and long sleeve T-shirts and shirts that are ideally cut to move, run, jump, have fun and learn at school. Young and old have their own ideas about how to dress early on. That is why it is important to be able to keep up with their expectations with modern and quality products. Everyone will be able to express their personality through an outfit that represents them. Speck-Sports has therefore found you t-shirts from international brands to satisfy the desires of your children and teenagers, girls and boys alike.
    And yes, the style is no longer just for adults and large purses. You can find trendy products without ruining yourself. In addition, the T-shirts are super versatile; they can be worn every day of the year, summer and winter.

    We have therefore selected t-shirts for all tastes, all ages, all occasions and all sizes. Your girls and boys can wear a t-shirt to a birthday snack, go to school, go to the movies with their families, or just have fun in the garden. Thanks to our selection, your child will enjoy optimal comfort day after day while remaining stylish and trendy. With short sleeves or tank top version, your child can stay cool during hot summers. The long-sleeved t-shirt will provide an extra layer of warmth under a vest in cool weather. Worn with a skirt, shorts or pants, the t-shirt is suitable for all everyday occasions.

    The range of t-shirts we offer is vast. It includes sober tops, with patterns and prints, with or without sleeves, for children and teenagers. The children's t-shirt is worn every day with jeans or any other socks. Your girls and boys will always be perfectly dressed thanks to Speck-Sports' know-how, and this for all seasons.

    If you want the best for your children, you will be seduced by Icepeak brand products. This brand of Finnish origin equips the whole family for your outdoor activities. The t-shirts will be both technical and aesthetic, colourful or more sober to satisfy all tastes and desires. Indeed, the brand's attitude is jovial and this is illustrated by bright colours and trendy patterns. On the technical side, it is good to know that Icepeak has been chosen as the official clothing supplier for the Finnish Paralympic Team. So you can be sure that the brand knows how to produce clothing that is suitable for everyone. Trust the Icepeak Tasha JR green t-shirt for your daughter, which will be perfect for summer, as well as the Icepeak Tate JR blue t-shirt that keeps sweat away from your body to keep your boys dry.

  • Sweats, pullovers

    Sweaters, junior sweaters

    The start of the school year often comes too soon after the holidays. So we say "Goodbye" to swimsuits and shorts, and we say "hello" to sweaters and sweaters. If your child, girl or boy, is looking for a comfortable and stylish sweater, you have come to the right place at Speck-Sports. Indeed, we offer a range of sweaters and sweaters, which combine many properties so that your children feel comfortable from the first drops in temperature.
    Your children's sweatshirt and sweater will be great allies to let off steam, have fun and learn at school. It becomes a must in your children's wardrobe. It can be worn with jeans for an urban look, or with jogging for a sporty look.
    The brands compete in creativity to offer you original, colourful sweaters and sweaters, with prints, feminine details, chic or funny. We offer you within our range, the Quiksilver Felicis Hood Youth sweater that will finalize the outfit of your boys.

  • Jackets

    Junior jackets

    To fully enjoy all their outdoor moments, children need to be equipped with a jacket that suits their needs and desires. A suitable jacket will provide them with comfort, warmth, protection against cold, wind or rain, and also a trendy look to be at the top in all circumstances. When the temperatures cool down, a jacket is often welcome to protect your children from the vagaries of the weather. To ensure unforgettable experiences for them, our jackets will protect them in all conditions. Our jackets will seduce your children, young and old, and will give your kids and teenagers the confidence they need to take on the most daring challenges. Ensuring the well-being of children aged 2 to 16 is a priority for Speck-Sports experts. Indeed, the cuts are ergonomic and the fibres are resistant, which will give them optimal confidence and ease.
    The jackets of the Jott, Quiksilver and Icepeak brands, which we offer you, are distinguished by their comfort, their aesthetics, and their robustness to withstand the most dynamic activities. You will find warm, water-repellent jackets in case of light rain, and windproof jackets, to help them in all weathers. In addition, our children's jackets are ideal for both going to school and going for a family walk. You can opt for a Jott down jacket, which have the impressive ability to combine style and functionality. To provide your loulous with the comfort they require, the Jott children's down jackets have been studied to correspond to their morphology and are made of materials of irreproachable quality (90% down, 10% feathers). The Jott Carla down jacket will be perfect for your princesses. Indeed, the latter comes in an impressive range of colours to seduce your louloute.
    Trendy and stylish, our jackets for children, girls and boys, will boost their style and confidence. In a few clicks, you will find a vast choice of jackets for children that will have nothing to envy to the collections for adults. The impeccable finishes of our products will allow your children to stand out, thanks to a variety of colours, logos and accessories.

  • Pants - dress

    Junior Pants & Dresses

    Your children's pants follow them absolutely everywhere and accompany them in all their daily adventures. This is why they must have several qualities such as resistance, comfort and aesthetics. Today, the style of your children's pants is as good as yours. You will find on our Speck-Sports website without difficulty solid, trendy and flexible pants to have style like mom and dad. The products are well thought out, well cut so as not to restrict your child's freedom of movement. Beyond seducing your children, they will also seduce you with their easy maintenance. For your boys, you can fall for Quiksilver Distortion Sunny jeans. Made of cotton, polyester and elastane, your boy will be comfortable in all situations.
    In addition, trousers are a top-of-the-range garment for all seasons. You will choose warm materials in winter and lighter materials for the summer period. In addition, it will be a matter of choosing pants for your daughter or boy that are adapted to their morphology. There are now different cuts (slim, skinny, regular, chinese, cargo) that will satisfy your kids.

    With regard to dresses, we can all say that they are timeless basics and a symbol of femininity. They will give your daughters an irresistible look in all seasons. So why not let yourself be charmed by our selection of branded dresses? For winter, you can choose cosy wool dresses, and in summer, prefer a fluid and airy dress. Our dresses are deliciously bohemian, more urban, but in any case, they have been designed to sublimate their shy, dreamy, or more playful look and personality. The dresses will allow your daughters to move without having to lift it up all the time, and to be able to express themselves with confidence. They will undoubtedly look like princesses, in the city, at home, on vacation and at school.

  • Shorts

    Children's shorts

    Chances are your children will wear shorts throughout the summer season. So as long as these shorts are strong, comfortable and aesthetic. To do this, Speck-Sports has selected for your children, young and old, a set of Quiksilver and Icepeak shorts. They will be able to enjoy life, the sun, the sea, and the sand with always a touch of style. In fact, shorts are the must have of the summer season.

    The shorts will also be ideal for going to school when temperatures start to rise, or more simply, to chill at home. In any case, they will be perfect for the arrival of the first heat and sun.

    For your boys, you can choose the Quiksilver Revolver Neo Dust jeans shorts. It will be perfect for going to school with a nice pair of white sneakers, or for eating ice cream on the terrace. For your daughters, the Icepeak skirt seems to be a good compromise between comfort and aesthetics. The latter can be worn to go to school but also to take small walks. Its side pockets are very useful for storing small items.

  • Accessories

    Junior Accessories

    Every year, your child goes on a school trip to visit a museum or take a walk in the countryside. Beyond school, your children are invited to birthday parties and need a backpack to store their belongings.
    That's why Speck-Sports experts offer a set of comfortable and fun backpacks for your kids.
    We offer you Deuter backpacks that will please the youngest of your children. The Deuter Kikki backpack is ideal for outings to the pool or hiking. In the evening, the front and side reflectors provide safety for your child.

  • Swimsuit

    Children's baths

    In summer, many of your children and teenagers will go to the pool, the sea, lakes or rivers to cool off. If this is the case, they will need an indestructible summer base, the beach star: the iconic swimsuit. If you are looking for the best for your children, well, we are proud to announce that you are at the right address to find the jersey of your loulous. cherubs

    Indeed, we offer a range of swimwear, bikinis, shorts, boardshorts, towels and sandals that combine design and functionality. Your children's beach dressing room will have nothing to envy yours anymore. You will have the choice between flagship pieces, original creations, bohemian, modern and trendy looks, which offer quality and comfort, at sea and in lifestyle.

    To inject a dose of adventure into the summer adventures and journeys of your kids, remember to provide them with a jersey that will meet all their expectations. For young girls, you will find jerseys with the sweet scent of travel and exciting adventures. Girls' bath products are as crisp as they are irresistible and are illustrated by bandeaux, triangles or shortys. For your little sirens, bursting with energy and mischief, the right jersey will allow them to explore the world, adding notes of pep wherever they go. Our products will delight the most coquettish, sporty and reckless people. Girls and boys alike will be able to choose the bikini or swimsuit that best suits their personality and gives them incredible sensations. The majority of the boys' swimming shorts we offer are soft, soft, durable, comfortable, high performance and fast drying. They allow a large range of movement, which is essential for their land and water activities. Beyond their technical characteristics, the manufacturers have designed shorts and jerseys with an inimitable style, full of character and a touch of malice. The jerseys are explosive, in the spirit of the times, with cuts studied to the morphology of your children, girls and boys alike. In addition, remember to equip them with sandals to protect their feet from the heat of the ground. Roxy Tahiti flip flops are an ideal choice for your little sirens as soon as they come out of the water. Our children's products are finally as good as those of parents.

    Finally, to please your children, think of a functional, comfortable, and irresistibly cute swimsuit or shorts, which you can easily find among our collection with a strong character. Your children and teenagers will fit into the legendary casual style of Quiksilver or Roxy, in a multivitamin look.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 36 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 36 items