Women's sportswear

Women's sportswear

Women's Fashion

Are you ready to move from the city to the countryside, from the beach to the mountains, from the gym to the pool in no time at all? If so, you will necessarily find your happiness among a very wide selection of clothes, chosen with care; so that each of you can find the right shoe for you.

In terms of trends, it was the 1990s th...

Women's Fashion

Are you ready to move from the city to the countryside, from the beach to the mountains, from the gym to the pool in no time at all? If so, you will necessarily find your happiness among a very wide selection of clothes, chosen with care; so that each of you can find the right shoe for you.

In terms of trends, it was the 1990s that made a comeback in women's fashion. Tribal prints are also remembered on the catwalk catwalks. But we will avoid the total Jungle look by combining more sober clothes, for a more modern look. The Banana Moon Mullaly Frezia blouse is an ideal choice combined with jeans or white shorts. In addition, graphic touches are illustrated through numerous stripes, grid patterns that are endlessly declined on loose pants, long dresses or blouses. No one should limit themselves to vertical stripes, which will have the advantage of refining the silhouette. However, beware of horizontal stripes if you are a little rounder.

For the timeless
For an urban style, why not choose clothes from Tommy Hilfiger's ready-to-wear range. Tommy's aesthetic signature is cool, for a legendary and timeless style. Their dresses, jeans and blouses are perfect for being feminine at work or on weekends. Versatility therefore.

For the bohemian-chic
Why not put on a little flowery dress or an ethnic blouse? You can twist prints, shapes, colours and materials to be original and modern. Transparency, hooks, and lace are therefore on the agenda. Let your imagination run wild to create a look that will look like you. In summer, you can even choose swimsuits for your trips to the tropics. For your outings to the beach, you can trust Banana Moon swimwear to be colourful and original. The Taeko Teknicolor indigo sensitive jersey seems to be ideal for a good fit with adjustable back straps and a sublime design.
You can fall for aerial designs when in winter you can find hooks that will keep you warm.

To offer you a taste of adventure and exoticism, you can discover the Desigual clothing range. Animals come to life on dresses and blouses, when fruits and flowers take root on t-shirts and sweaters. All this nature adorns the brand's clothing, to enhance your silhouette.
For a night outing in the city, Superdry clothes claim urban glamour in all seasons.

The clothes you wear will illustrate your personality, identity and mood, while telling a story. Whether you are dreamy, exotic or feminine, it will be a matter of choosing the right clothes to draw your silhouette. Twist universes for a unique look, or combine flagship pieces for urban outfits. It will all be about feeling comfortable, well in your body and in your head.


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  • Polos

    Women's fashion t-shirt

    Timeless, unavoidable and indestructible, I am the most worn garment in the world! Who am I? Who am I? The shirt! The shirt! Indeed, the t-shirt has become an essential part of all women's dressings. Sober, colourful, patterned, with lace, tight, wide, chic or casual, there is something for every taste, every desire, for all year round, for all practices and for all women. Its vocation is to sublimate women's bodies, and to breathe a breath of youthfulness and freshness into them. T-shirts have the great ability to be always easy to wear, and to be available as desired. You will find tank tops, short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, round or V-necks, and even polo shirts, in all colors of the palette, in all sizes, shapes, and for almost all shapes. We also offer a wide range of brands such as Lutha, Superdry, Roxy, Tommy Hifliger, Millet, Picture, Salomon, North Face, Montura, Mammut and Elisa Cavaletti so you can have even more choice. The model you choose will allow you to highlight your chest, shoulders and arms, or conversely to hide its small complexes. In fact, the products we offer you within the Speck-Sports range are designed to be versatile, comfortable to wear and look at. For us, the combination of style and comfort is essential to enhance our silhouette, neck, shoulders and arms. The great thing about T-shirts is that all styles and combinations are possible. The idea is to mix the cuts, twist the fabrics to be at the top all day and night long. In addition, it adapts to all morphologies, whether you are in H, or V or A. The T-shirts we offer can be perfectly adapted to jeans, skirts, jackets, heels, or sneakers. For generous breasts (from a D cup upwards), we advise you to invest in tops with open necklines. This makes it possible to lengthen and slim the silhouette while illuminating your shapes and without exceeding the threshold of vulgarity. They will give you a natural, chic and sexy silhouette. The Lutha Aune marine top seems to be a wise choice to enhance your bust because it defines the size. Its strong straps are not too thin and will help to keep your chest in place.
    For small breasts, it will be wise to choose a t-shirt with patterns, colors to enhance your silhouette, create a volume effect, and thus highlight your shapes. You can choose colours that are sparkling, soft, with ethnic or exotic shapes. For example, you can choose the Superdry Premium Goods Sequin Entry Tee artisan t-shirt, which will brighten up your days and your sweet evenings.

    Finally, with the range of T-shirts we offer, you have the opportunity to bring out your mood of the day and your personality. Our T-shirts will serve as the basis for all your outfits, whether chic or casual. With our T-shirts, you can go to work and go to the beach for a summer walk. Beyond a simple basic, the t-shirt has become a key element of the women's wardrobe.

  • Dresses

    Women's dresses

    Dresses are the ultimate timeless and timeless garment. Dresses have the ability to enhance women's bodies through their cut and material. It is the essential piece to highlight and highlight its shapes, without ever revealing too much.

    You will find it for all seasons, for all tastes, all desires and all morphologies. The fluid and lightweight dresses will be ideal for women with generous hips and round body shapes. Moreover, long dresses are no longer only reserved for adults. Or feel free to show your legs with shorter dresses.

    The design of the dresses is inspired by your personality and your silhouette. Every woman will be able to find her happiness. Whether you are intrepid, sparkling, outgoing or more shy, you will find the dress that suits your needs among a wide choice of branded dresses. Indeed, we offer you Superdry, Desigual, Lutha, Banana Moon, Elisa Cavaletti and Mise au Green dresses. There are several models to satisfy your wildest desires: with or without neckline, short or long, classic, romantic, urban and streetwear; and above all comfortable, soft, fluid and light.

    In addition, the dresses are ideal for all occasions and seasons. You can go to work in a dress, have a drink, go to the cinema etc. Nothing can resist it, especially if you decorate it with pretty accessories and a beautiful jacket.
    For a very urban look, the Superdry Track & Field Tshirt Dress will be a perfect choice. Its sleek lines and fresh colours will enhance your body as temperatures warm up.

  • Shirts

    Women's shirts
    Shirts are constantly being reinvented to be worn every day and for many occasions. It can be worn in many ways to create modern looks, totally in tune with the times. Ladies, you can put on a shirt and a pencil skirt to go to work, go to a restaurant with your family and friends with a more relaxed shirt, and even go for a walk with a technical shirt. They are the embodiment of a certain chic when they are made of silky or enveloping materials. Shirts like blouses will enhance your intrepid, feminine and sexy personality.
    You can choose the shirt that suits your style from a selection made by Speck-Sports experts. You will find them with modern fabrics, vintage, for an urban look or for an authentic look. There are also shirts with short, long, plain or printed sleeves, with summer or ethnic motifs. Our selection allows you to choose according to your style, respecting your tastes and preferences. Moreover, this essential piece can be accessorized in many ways, so let your imagination run wild.
    The important thing is to choose a shirt that fits perfectly to your silhouette. It can be straight, curved or wide, but must leave you free to move without floating in it. It will be a question of highlighting the female assets or, conversely, hiding her small complexes. Choose a must have that will distinguish you and make you feel comfortable. You can wear it alone, under a beautiful wool sweater for an incomparable elegance, or with a tie for an androgynous look.
    Let yourself be tempted by our selection of branded women's shirts! The Lutha, Desigual, Banana Moon and Mise au Green shirts and blouses will satisfy you. To revitalize your silhouette in the blink of an eye with an exotic outfit, think of the Banana Moon Mullaly Frezia Frezia foam blouse. Its ample cut and fluid fabric will bring you great comfort this summer.

  • Sweat, pullovers
  • Jackets

    Women's fashion jackets

    Classy jackets for all women

    A beautiful jacket, just like a beautiful pair of shoes, is an essential part of a woman's wardrobe. It is the perfect finishing touch that will enhance your outfit. A quality jacket has the great power to complete a look through its cut, colour and style. These overcoats are constantly being revisited by manufacturers to offer you a trendy and up-to-date outfit. Whether you are in a sober, sophisticated or sporty mood, the jackets will continue their stylistic ascent to give you confidence in yourself in all circumstances.

    In addition, each season has its own jacket. And each jacket has a matching woman. That's why the Speck-Sports team has selected a complete set of jeans jackets, down jackets, sleeveless jackets, parkas, anoraks, and windproof jackets for you to find the jacket that suits you best according to the season and the place you are in. That's how we offer you summer, inter-season and winter jackets in different materials to perfectly complement your look. The brands present are all experts in the manufacture of jackets and ready-to-wear. The team offers you Lutha, Torstai, Icepeak, Eider, Millet, Desigual, Superdry, Jott, Tbs, Picture, Tommy Hilfiger, Patagonia, Dare2b, White Pepper, Parajumpers and Sportalm jackets, which will make you even more beautiful. The Jott down jackets with their many colours can easily find a place in your dressing room. They are perfect for the spring, winter and even for cool summer evenings. They will bring you a lot of warmth thanks to their composition: 90% down and 10% feathers. They are also extremely trendy, such as the Jott Douda down jacket with its round collar.

    Obviously, in summer your jackets will be lighter than in winter. But more precisely, how to choose a jacket?

    The most obvious answer is according to its morphology! Chances are your best friend's or daughter's jacket doesn't fit you completely. So you have to follow some basic principles to find your own beautiful jacket.

    For small and thin people, short jackets will be at their best. These are the ones that stop above the hips and don't hide your buttocks. These jackets will have the ability not to tamp your figure down. You can choose a sleeveless Jott down jacket for the off-season. The black Jott Seda jacket will enhance your outfit and look.

    Tall women can afford anything, especially long jackets that will make them elegant. The black Parajumpers Demi Leather jacket will be perfect to enhance the silhouette of the tallest among us.

    For women with square shoulders, shoulder pads and blazers are not necessarily the best choice.

    The jacket is worn with everything!

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  • Pants

    Women's pants

    If you want to renew your city pants, nothing could be easier. All you have to do is surf the Speck-Sports pages dedicated to women's pants. Our experts, when selecting the pants, have taken into account the new trends, which gives most of the products a lot of style. The pants we offer are inspired by the richness of your lifestyles and the beauty of your personalities. To avoid having to choose between comfort and aesthetics, you can fall for trousers from the brands Torstai, Lutha, Icepeak, TBS, Mammut, Desigual, and Salomon. You can complete your outfit with strong, well-cut, aesthetic, practical and stylish pants with neat and elegant finishes that will eventually charm you. The quality of the pants is impeccable, and therefore they are very comfortable to wear. In addition, the materials are very easy to clean, which will seduce you when the laundry basket is full to the brim.
    Not only trendy, our selection of pants is also designed in quality materials to guarantee you optimal comfort whatever your activities. You will have the possibility to evolve without constraint on the asphalt of our cities. Designed to allow you to move freely and to suit all body types and lifestyles, our women's pants feature ergonomic cuts and lightweight fibres, ensuring ideal comfort. Our collection offers a wide variety of cuts that will inevitably seduce you, but the key is to feel good about yourself. We offer you skinny, slim, carrot pants, leggings and joggings, with soft, enveloping, fluid or warm fabrics depending on the season and the activities practiced. Finally, you can choose between different colours. For example, sober colours will be perfect for everyday life and special occasions. Our idea is to ensure your daily well-being, with quality products that have been carefully designed.
    To enhance and enhance your legs, you can fall for the Desigual Denim Medium Light Wash Light pants. These jeans are tightened at the ankles with pieces of fabric and embroidered details, for a resolutely feminine look.

  • Shorts

    Women's shorts

    When summer comes, we all think of lightness, warmth, travel, exoticism, and our shorts! To go in search of new sensations and experience this summer, skiny jeans is not ideal, even if it makes us dream buttocks. So ladies, it's time to choose a shorts that will accompany you throughout the summer on your wildest trips, whether you're with family or friends. Shorts will be an essential item of clothing for going to the beach, restaurants, bachata parties, and even for more traditional occasions such as weddings. The shorts will be ideal for many occasions, and you will choose it according to your personality, your morphology, your way of life and of course your tastes and desires. It should be noted, however, that it is preferable not to wear it too tight or too short. Shorts that are well adapted to your silhouette will prevent you from irritations, but especially the bulging effect because it will not compress your thighs.

    The selection of shorts made by Speck-Sports experts is unique, comfortable, aesthetic, and very resistant. As you are surely intrepid, adventurous or athletic, there is no doubt that you will put your shorts to the test. Hence the idea of resistance. They are designed to improve your well-being during the summer period, which requires light and stretchy clothing to keep you warm. They will give women pleasant sensations and follow them in their daily adventures. The shorts are available in multiple versions. Indeed, you will find them with or without pockets, coloured or more sober, plain or printed, and in different materials that have all their particularities. In any case, they will be synonymous with comfort and freedom of movement. If you are looking for these features, don't wait any longer, you are in the right place. Indeed, we offer you a set of branded shorts that will certainly meet your expectations. Lutha, Salomon, Torstai, Mammut, and Superdry are internationally recognized brands for the quality of their clothing and shorts. For a sportswear style, the pink Salomon Wayfarer shorts will convince you to go hiking with friends or family, or for trips in the city for several days. The stretch fabric and casual cut ensure absolute freedom of movement and the lightweight material dries very quickly.
    Shorts are an essential part of summer clothing, so this summer, why not let yourself be tempted by Californian, ethnic or tropical inspired shorts?

  • Accessories

    Women's accessories
    Do you constantly lose your pens at the office? Are you guys going out tonight to party with your girlfriends? Or are you about to go to Latin America on a road trip? In these 3 cases, 3 accessories are essential to carry out your projects: a kit, a handbag and a bag for women!
    You are used to buying kits for your children every year, but you too may need them. You could use a kit at work, at home, and why not in the car to get pencils in case you notice anything; the list can be long. Especially since you can store everything and anything in it: pens, pencils, stabilos, but also a mascara, a hand moisturizer...
    Bags and handbags are also essential as soon as you leave home. They make it possible to tidy up all our belongings, sometimes even our whole house. Our experts have selected for you several bags that will transport your belongings with style and convenience. For example, the Superdry Elaina Star Perf Tote handbag in black can be a smart and trendy choice.
    And finally the famous saddlebag. Having a bag is great practice if you don't want to twist your back to look for your wallet in the back of your backpack. Having a bag allows you to have all your personal belongings at hand and to protect your belongings (wallets, laptops, identity papers). They are not very cumbersome but remember to check the volume of the bag according to the items you want to store. We offer you within our Speck-Sports selection of Deuter brand saddlebags. The Deuter Belt I Black will be spacious and lightweight for all your outings.

  • Swimsuits

    Women's baths

    Swimsuits are no longer just for swimming pools and water sports. Indeed, they become real fashion pieces, with increasingly trendy cuts in the spirit of the times. The big houses have developed swimsuits that sublimate your body so that you feel comfortable and free to move around in all circumstances. The swimsuits offered are a combination of resistance, comfort and aesthetics for an impeccable style. They have been designed with technical materials to ensure perfect fit and colour, and excellent chest support. The majority clearly resist chlorine, under the guise of maintaining their jersey properly after swimming.
    The colours you will be able to find are rather acidulous, pastel or more reckless. At the beginning of summer, you can choose natural or pastel colours, then you can wear brighter and more volcanic colours once the skin is golden. In fact, whether you are sporty, fun, classic, white or male skin, generous breasts or small, you will find your happiness among a range of carefully chosen swimwear (triangle, headband, halter, bustier, athletic swimwear). They will allow you to feel free, beautiful, divinely feminine, and you will be faithful and in adequacy with the sunny, sexy and relaxed spirit of the summer season.

    But above all, it will be a matter of choosing the right jersey to avoid constantly raising it, and losing it as soon as you raise your arms. And yes, choosing your jersey is no easy task. Finding the perfect swimsuit is everyone's story. We want it to be both comfortable and flattering.
    Of course, the jersey you choose will depend on your tastes, personality and history. However, it is also a matter of breast. Each breast has its own jersey.

    Choose your swimsuit according to your chest

    For generous breasts (when we start talking about D)

    In general, women will be advised to wear a swimsuit with a reinforced balcony. You will have better comfort and support, while enhancing your generous bust. In addition, wide straps are an asset to support a strong chest. You can of course wear coloured swimsuits, with patterns, or with solid colours. The swimwear offered in the Tyche Valerie range seems to be perfect to meet your expectations. For example, you can choose the Tyche Valerie Ophelie Moby jersey that will enhance you. There are different levels of coverage, removable pads and plunging necklines will fit you very well. One-piece swimsuits with a beautiful deep V-neck will be perfect to highlight your assets and highlight the curves of your silhouette. A dream neckline that will make the sun blush, just like that.

    For small breasts

    Ladies, you have the most complete choice, everything is fine with you. You can choose from a very wide range of shapes. For example, you can very easily let yourself be tempted by a push up bikini with removable pads. The cocked band and triangle tops can also become your allies to enjoy the summer pleasures. The Rip Curl Tribal Myth headband jersey is perfect for small breasts with its tribal coloured patterns.

    As soon as the beautiful ones arrive, you can awaken the siren inside you, with a jersey that will illustrate your philosophy of life. Trust the must have for your summer wardrobe.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 260 items