Men's sportswear

Men's sportswear

Men's Sportswear

Do you have a traditional look, a casual athleisure style, or just a casual sportswear style? In all these cases, our selection of clothing will satisfy you because it does not compromise between style and functionality. You can refresh your locker room with many brand name clothes: Superdry, Quiksilver, Tommy Hifliger, H...

Men's Sportswear

Do you have a traditional look, a casual athleisure style, or just a casual sportswear style? In all these cases, our selection of clothing will satisfy you because it does not compromise between style and functionality. You can refresh your locker room with many brand name clothes: Superdry, Quiksilver, Tommy Hifliger, Henjl and many others. You will find soft and comfortable mottled polycotton t-shirts like the one offered by Eider (Eider Yulton Tee blue); nineties Superdry style polo shirts in a more streetwear style; checkered shirts from Mammut (Lenni) that stand out as the fashionable motif of the moment, or thin, elegant, lightweight Jott jackets that will protect you from the cold and wind thanks to their down and moisture and rain thanks to their depilatory coating.

For this summer, you will have the choice between 3 colours of JOTT swimming shorts that will be up to the task when swimming, but also to walk along the ocean with style and relaxation. Remember that swimming shorts are not allowed in French municipal swimming pools.

If you are not too much of a beach, and prefer summer escapades to the mountains, you can count on Henjl brand clothing. All products are manufactured in France or Europe. The brand pays particular attention to the quality of the clothes. Yes yes, Henjl uses merino wool for most of its clothing, which has many merits and advantages, whether 100% or in a mixture for making clothes. Merino wool, it should be remembered, brings warmth and comfort in cold weather, and freshness in hot weather. As mountain weather can be unstable, Henjl's Diddley sweatshirt will be a great ally. Indeed, knitted in virgin wool and laminated with a 100% windproof breathable waterproof membrane, this innovative and elegant technical garment will protect you from the wind and cold.

In fact, several iconic pieces have resurfaced in the men's locker room. You can wear a checkered shirt with jeans and a Jott down jacket for a complete and modern look. Consider hemming the ankles for an even more trendy effect.
You have the possibility to renew essentials, whether you are in the mountains, on the beach or in the city. For all men who do not compromise on style, comfort and technique, gentlemen, you are at the right place to find the best ones.


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  • Tee shirts

    Men's fashion tee shirt

    T-shirts are an essential part of all male dressings. Sober, colourful, or patterned, there is something for every taste, every desire and every practice. The T-shirts we offer are both comfortable and aesthetic. They are the result of the know-how and experience of the manufacturers. The T-shirt is therefore not only reserved for physical and sporting activities, no no no! The t-shirts are modern and the comfort of the models is only equalled by their appearance. He will be able to accompany you every day and all year round. For example, it can be worn for special occasions provided that it is always well combined with other parts. You will find basic, minimalist, refined, offbeat, V-neck or round-neck, mottled or coloured, but everything will be adapted to your morphology and your activity: a simple walk in the city, a business lunch, work at the office, or even for a wedding. The cut of a T-shirt is essential to feel comfortable and free to move freely. So we choose his t-shirt well fitted but not too tight. The idea is that you feel good, elegant in our t-shirts, and in harmony with your values. If environmental protection is one of your priorities when buying clothing, then you can trust Eider brand products. The brand offers sportswear but also lifestyle t-shirts that you can wear in the forest and in the city, while staying in harmony with nature. Eider will be able to accompany you with elegance from the top of the mountain to the city centre of Paris. With the Eider YULTON TEE T-shirt you will be comfortable when travelling and for your everyday activities.
    If you are looking for a vintage and sporty spirit with Japanese graphics, think of Superdry, an English ready-to-wear brand! The range of their t-shirts is very varied and you will find classic emblematic cuts or non-conformist cuts. The Superdry SHIRT SHOP TRI SHIRT SHOP TRI PANEL TEE eagle tee-shirt, with its sportswear side, makes it the ideal top to complement with jeans and sneakers.

    Feel free to look for a t-shirt from our Speck-Sports selection. There will surely be the model that will make you or someone close to you happy. So, to be at the top, think about the t-shirt!

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  • Polos
  • Shirts

    Men's shirts

    Shirts are constantly being reinvented to be worn in any situation. Gentlemen, you can put it on to go to work, go to a restaurant with your family, and even go for a walk. They are the embodiment of a certain chic when they are made of noble materials. You can also have a casual look with a printed shirt or with patterns for your outings.
    You can choose the shirt that suits your style from a selection made by Speck-Sports experts. You will find them with modern fabrics, vintage, for an urban or more authentic look. There are also shirts with short, long, plain or printed sleeves, with summer or ethnic motifs. Our selection allows you to choose according to your style, respecting your tastes and preferences.
    The important thing is to choose a shirt that fits perfectly to your build. It can be straight or curved, but must leave you free to move without floating. Choose a must have that will distinguish you and make you feel comfortable. You can wear it alone, on a T-shirt, or under a beautiful sweater for an incomparable elegance.
    Let yourself be tempted by our selection of branded men's shirts! The Mammut, Tommy Hilfiger, and The North Face shirts will satisfy you. For an authentic look, think of the Mammut Lenni shirt. It will adapt to a ride in a carefree style, and will significantly reduce unpleasant odours.

  • Sweat, pullovers

    Men's sweatshirts

    At first, the sweatshirt was a garment exclusively associated with sport to keep warm during training. Today, the sweatshirt is no longer reserved for warm-ups and stretching! Indeed, designers have taken this garment and made it a trendy, comfortable, high-end and trendy product, which can be combined with a large number of garments and worn in a thousand and one ways. It therefore goes very well with a sportswear look or more streetwear. Equipped with a tightening hood, it gives a sporty and dynamic look. In any case, you will enjoy a casual style for every day and the sweatshirt will bring a breath of fresh air to your dressing room. The range of sweaters we have selected for you is quite extensive as you will find sweaters with or without hood, zippers or basics. Without a doubt, their materials will provide you with softness and warmth in your daily life.

    Sweaters, like sweaters, seduce by their modernity and authenticity. Men's sweaters come in a variety of styles and highlight the masculine build. You can wear it alone, or on a pretty shirt when the weather gets cooler. The materials also vary, so that each of you can find the sweater that best suits your needs.

    The experts at Speck-Sports store offer you a wide choice of sweaters and sweaters so that you can find what you are looking for and enjoy wearing beautiful clothing. You will find emblematic pieces, timeless, more original products and more technical sweaters. You will also appreciate the softness and quality of each product we have selected. Sweaters and sweaters follow fashion, new trends and are deeply in tune with the times. The brands we have chosen to offer you are distinguished by their know-how and originality. Henjl, Tommy Hilfiger, Superdry, North Face, Mise au Green, Millet and Tbs sweaters and sweaters will certainly satisfy your desires and needs. If you decide to succumb to a technical sweatshirt, you can choose the Henj Diddley sweatshirt with confidence. The latter is knitted from untreated virgin wool and laminated with a 100% windproof waterproof and breathable membrane. It is an innovative, technical and elegant garment that can be worn both in the city and in the mountains.
    If you prefer streetwear style, you can opt for the Superdry Trophy Hood chrome sweatshirt. With its mottled grey colour, it features logos bearing the brand's logo on the right sleeve and bottom of the sweatshirt. The chest is also highlighted by the brand name printed on a multicoloured strip. For a day at work, you can opt for the TBS Zalver sweater, which will give you a very elegant style if you wear a shirt underneath.

  • Jackets

    Men's Fashion Jackets

    Gentlemen, don't turn your back! A true centrepiece of a successful look, this functional garment can be worn everywhere: in the city, in the mountains, at work and during your leisure time. If you no longer want to choose between comfort and aesthetics, no stress. The Speck-Sports team has selected a range of branded jackets that combine technicality, comfort, virility and modernity. Indeed, each season, the brands revisit the best sellers and the must-have, to bring you ever more freshness and elegance. In addition, you can wear your new jacket with just about anything, while highlighting your strengths. Indeed, they can be worn and associated very well with a large quantity of clothing. You can refine your outfit with our selection of jackets, which are modern, technical, trendy, light, thick, lined, breathable, water-repellent, windproof, reliable, durable with elaborate finishes and original details. You will find down jackets, jeans jackets, sleeveless jackets, jackets, and anoraks.

    Speck-Sports has selected men's jackets that come in an infinite variety of colours and surprising cuts. Your new jacket will reveal your personality and mood. No matter what your style, whether you are a sporty relaxed or chic city dweller, you will find the jacket that meets your expectations among a wide range of brands: Parajumpers, Mise au Green, Tommy Hilfiger, North Face, Tbs, Millet, Patagonia, Spyder, Jott, Henjl and Superdry.
    We particularly advise you, and this, for all men, whatever your morphology, the Jott down jackets, which will give you a trendy, and resolutely trendy look. They are available in a truly impressive size panel: from XS to 4XL! In addition, the colours offered by the brand are exquisite: from night blue, to apple green, to an aubergine colour (Jott MAT night blue, Jott Nico, Jott MAT aubergine).
    If you are looking for a nice technical jacket to go for a walk in the mountains, go hiking, or eat a blueberry pie at the Markstein before going for a snowshoe walk, you can opt for the North Face Impendor Thermoball jacket. The latter will bring you comfort and warmth without sacrificing the freedom of movement you will need during your activities.
    Choose a suitable jacket
    Depending on your morphology, it will certainly be preferable to invest in this or that jacket. If you're slim, a fitted jacket will be great.
    If you are a tall man, or a tall man, it will be wise to think of a model that falls under your buttocks, such as a windproof jacket...
    On the other hand, if you're more of a small and cute type, you'll need to enhance your legs. You can choose a jacket that stops at the waist.
    If you have "a little" overdoing the squeegees this winter, you can opt for jackets with a straight and slightly looser fit.

    And if it's too hot, you can always drop the jacket.

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  • Pants

    Men's pants

    If you want to renew your city pants, nothing could be easier. All you have to do is surf the Speck-Sports pages dedicated to trousers. Our experts, when selecting the pants, have taken into account the new trends, which gives most of the products a lot of style. To avoid having to choose between comfort and aesthetics, you can fall for pants from the brands Mammut, Tommy Hilfiger, Superdry, Mise au green, or Tbs. You can thus complete your outfit with resistant, aesthetic, practical and stylish pants with neat and elegant finishes. The quality of the pants is impeccable, and therefore they are very comfortable to wear. In addition, the materials are very easy to clean, which will seduce you when the laundry basket is full to the brim.
    Not only trendy, our selection of pants is also designed in quality materials to guarantee you optimal comfort whatever your activities. You will have the possibility to evolve without constraint on the asphalt of our cities. Designed to allow you to move freely and to suit all body types and lifestyles, our men's trousers are equipped with ergonomic cuts and lightweight fibres, guaranteeing ideal comfort. In addition, you will have the choice between different cuts: slim, regular, fit, Chinese... but the key will be to feel good about yourself. Finally, you can choose between different colours. For example, sober colours will be perfect for everyday life and special occasions. Our idea is to ensure your daily well-being, with quality products that have been carefully designed.
    To adopt a resolutely refined look, you can fall for the Tommy Hilfiger Jean Scanton slim pants. It will be your perfect weekend companion thanks to its refined fit and very high elasticity

  • Shorts

    Men's shorts

    When summer arrives, we think of lightness, warmth, travel, exoticism, and our shorts! To go in search of new sensations and experience this summer, skiny jeans is not ideal. So, gentlemen, it's time to choose a shorts that will accompany you throughout the summer on your wildest trips. Shorts will be an essential item of clothing for going to the beach, restaurants, salsa parties, and even for more traditional occasions such as weddings. The shorts will be ideal for many occasions, and you will choose them according to your personality, your way of life and of course your tastes and desires.

    The selection of shorts made by Speck-Sports experts is unique, comfortable, and very durable. They are designed to improve your well-being during the summer period, which requires light and stretchy clothing. The shorts are available in multiple versions. Indeed, you will find some with or without pockets, coloured or more sober, plain or printed. In any case, they will be synonymous with comfort and freedom of movement. If you are looking for these features, don't wait any longer, you are in the right place. Indeed, we offer you a set of branded shorts that will certainly meet your expectations. Quiksilver, Tommy Hilfiger, Mammut, Jott and Deuter are brands known for the quality of their clothing and shorts. For a chic urban style, the Tommy Hilfiger Printed Straight Short Short Freddy 19 will convince you to go out with friends, family, to a restaurant or for a drink on the terrace. For your beach holidays, the Jott Hossegor shorts will be perfect for wandering in the waves.

  • Accessories

    Men's accessories

    You love your pants, but you keep pulling them up? Have you decided to go for a walk on the ridges? Or are you about to go to Latin America on a road trip? In these 3 cases, 3 accessories are essential to carry out your projects: a belt, a cap and a bag!
    Caps, no matter what people say, are the ideal accessory to protect your head from the sun and avoid sunstroke. The cap can be used from spring to autumn and can have a very long life span if taken care of. We offer you Ride brand caps for a very urban style (Ride Script New Era Fitted Cap Black for men).
    The belt is also essential as soon as you lose your pants. What could be more unpleasant than to keep bringing it up? If only one belt is needed to solve this problem, then take the plunge. Our experts have selected for you several Quiksilver belts that will bring your pants up in style. For example, the Quiksilver Principle III belt in black may be a wise choice.
    And finally the famous saddlebag. Having a bag is great practice if you don't want to twist your back to look for your wallet in the back of your backpack. Having a bag allows you to have all your personal belongings at hand and to protect your belongings (wallets, laptops, identity papers). They are not very cumbersome but remember to check the volume of the bag according to the items you want to store. We offer you within our Speck-Sports selection of Deuter brand saddlebags. The Deuter Belt I Black will be spacious and lightweight for all your outings.

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  • Swimsuit

    Men's baths

    Children, gentlemen, you certainly had to wear the famous swimming trunks to learn to swim in the local municipal pool. Today, the brands have developed several other models that have become essential on the beaches. Today, there are many models of swimming shorts, with different lengths to satisfy all tastes and needs. On the other hand, do not forget that if you want to go swimming in a French municipal swimming pool, swimming shorts will most of the time be prohibited for reasons of hygiene. Yes, swimming shorts are perfect for enjoying melon ice cream, shopping at the local supermarket, sunbathing, or taking a refreshing dip.

    The swim shorts we offer are of excellent quality, produced from the know-how of the leading international brands in beachwear. These are pieces that have become essential to your holiday. They are efficient, comfortable, resistant to salt, chlorine and sunlight, dry very quickly and above all, they are plugged in. They become iconic pieces of the men's dressing room and guarantee impressive freedom of movement for most of your activities.
    You will find swim shorts that are literally the quintessence of beachwear design. Indeed, you will have the choice between a multitude of colors, with prints, graphics, with short or longer cuts for a retro or casual, sporty or more sober style. The long swimming shorts will be perfectly adapted to the majority of silhouettes. Indeed, the swimming shorts are very versatile. It is therefore suitable for all body types, and it is multi-generational, and allows a rather nice tan. These products will give you a sporty, naturally flattering spirit.
    The range of swimming shorts that we offer at Speck-Sports will allow you to have an impeccable style this summer, with flagship or more original pieces. The idea is to be able to assert your personality by choosing the shorts that suit you best.

    Choosing a swimsuit is often a major clothing problem in early summer. It is often the only clothing you will wear on hot summer days. So it is essential to choose a well cut swimsuit that will enhance your silhouette and will be adapted to your use. For example, the swimming trunks will be more suitable for the best built of you, provided that it is covered, and that the seams follow the crease of the buttocks. It's the same idea for boxers. For your surfing sessions, it will be a matter of wearing a boardshort, to protect your thighs from the board.

    You can choose from our range, a Quiksilver swimming shorts. This original Australian brand has completely revolutionized the world of surfwear textiles. Quality is their obsession, and the sense of style is in their DNA. The brand is constantly pursuing innovation, and ever more style. Over time, the manufacture of swimming shorts has become their own signature. Their reputation is well established. This is why we offer you within our range, the Quiksilver Everyday Volley 15 swimming shorts that will meet your expectations. Its short cut allows a large amplitude of

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Showing 1 - 12 of 175 items