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  • Rossignol ESCAPER W 80 Skis

    Rossignol ESCAPER W 80 skis: the perfect women's ski touring ski to get started in ski touring.

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  • Dynastar E TOUR 86 skis

    Dynastar E TOUR 86 skis: the versatile and accessible women's touring ski.

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  • Rossignol ESCAPER W 97 NANO touring skis

    Are you a freerando fan ? The ESCAPER W 97 NANO ski by Rossignol will take you to the top ! Ultra light on the way up, it is powerful on the way down to push the limits of experienced and expert women skiers !

    675,00 -10% 750,00 €
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  • Salomon MTN 86 PRO Skis + skins

    No compromise for the MTN 86 PRO skis with skins by Salomon. Ultra-versatile, go for a ride or practice in the ski area : no need to choose !

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  • Salomon MTN 86 CARBON Skis + Skins

    Discover the MTN 86 CARBON touring ski with skins by Salomon. Designed for experienced skiers, it allows easy ascents and super fun descents.

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  • Atomic BACKLAND 86 SL W ski touring

    Ladies, discover an incredibly light touring ski thanks to its SL construction. Atomic's Backland 86 W is just exceptional in its fluidity, lift and stability in all conditions. 

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  • Atomic BACKLAND 85 W Blue ski touring

    The key word for the women's Backland 85 W ski touring offered by Atomic? Versatility! Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this ski model, in addition to being light, will offer excellent performance in both uphill and downhill.

    449,91 -10% 499,90 €
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  • Atomic BACKLAND 78 W Grey ski touring

    From Atomic's famous Backland line, the Backland 78 W skis are a great choice if you're looking for lightness and versatility. This women's ski is suitable for beginners or intermediate skiers.

    359,91 -10% 399,90 €
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  • AGENT 1X
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    Faction's AGENT 1X ski for Women

    With its karuba wood core and responsive flex, Faction's AGENT 1 X ski for women  is not only light on the uphill, it's also very enjoyable on the downhill. Ideal for ski touring on variable snow, this versatile ski is for intermediate to advanced skiers.

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  • Faction women's skis AGENT 2X
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    Faction women's skis AGENT 2X

    Identical in design to the unisex version, Faction's women's freerando ski, the AGENT 2X, will hunt down powder wherever it is found and with its 96mm runner will offer you excellent flotation sensations on the way down.

    629,10 -10% 699,00 €
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  • Black Diamond HELIO CARBON 88 Skis

    The Black Diamond Helio Carbon 88 skis are a model designed for ski touring. Intended for experienced and expert skiers, this versatile and responsive model is ideal for outings on technical terrain. 

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  • Ski Trab GAVIA 85 skis

    Discover the Ski Trab GAVIA 85 women's touring ski at Speck-Sports ! This versatile ski adapts to all your adventures whether it is for a passage at the edge of the slopes or for a hike in the high mountains, it is always performing.

    584,91 -10% 649,90 €
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  • Völkl BLAZE 94 W Blue skis

    Allow yourself a descent on all the grounds, that it is in off-piste, edge of track or on packed snow, the BLAZE 94 W of Völkl will make you descend with speed and dexterity.

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  • Völkl BLAZE 86 W skis

    Völkl BLAZE 86 W skis Lightweight Handy Fun

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  • Völkl RISE 84 W Black / Pink skis

    Whether you are new to ski touring or have already experienced positive vertical drops on skis, the Völkl RISE 84 W will win you over with its lightness and downhill ability.

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