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High tech

High tech

In this category you will find all the technological products that are essential to your outdoor activities. Multifunctional sports watches with GPS, solar panels to recharge all your connected objects and batteries. But also classic compasses and pedometers.

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  • Sport watches

    Running, cycling, skiing, hiking etc. More and more people are participating in outdoor sports and are equipping themselves with a sports watch to measure their performance. Sports watches now offer a multitude of functions:

    -a GPS that allows you to measure the distance covered, the speed and to know precisely where you are.

    - sports watches are also frequently equipped with a heart rate monitor.

    -some sports watches also have a barometer to accurately measure the altitude and thus the difference in altitude

    We offer a wide selection of Suunto sports watches.

  • Compass

    The compass is an essential safety element when hiking in remote counties. They allow you to find your way when electronic devices fail. The compass is also used in orienteering races.

    There are different types of compasses:

    -the plaque compass, famous used on orienteering races. The plastic plate allows you to read the map and orient yourself.
    -the sighting compass that allows you to aim at your target and determine a course. It is used a lot in navigation.
    -the carabiner compass. Small but less precise. It is used to give an idea of the direction or to point north.

  • Solar Charger

    You are looking for a device to recharge your electronic devices during your hikes. The solar charger is the ideal solution whether you are in a bivouac away from a source of electricity, camping or simply during a lunch break. The solar charger using free solar energy allows you to recharge your phone, your powerbank, the batteries of your digital devices. The solar charger works on the same principle as solar panels on houses. The solar charger is almost indispensable on itinerant hikes away from any home.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items