Camping and trekking equipment

Camping and trekking equipment

We offer a wide choice of camping and trekking equipment. From short day hikes to raids in Antarctica, we offer you the right equipment:

-ultra-light hiking tents, expedition tents, teepees, tents that hang in the trees.

-sleeping bags made of down or synthetic material for all operating temperatures.

-inflatable, self-inflating or foam hiking ...

We offer a wide choice of camping and trekking equipment. From short day hikes to raids in Antarctica, we offer you the right equipment:

-ultra-light hiking tents, expedition tents, teepees, tents that hang in the trees.

-sleeping bags made of down or synthetic material for all operating temperatures.

-inflatable, self-inflating or foam hiking mattresses

-gas stoves, fuel stoves, wood stoves.

-hiking and camping kitchen utensils: camping plate, cups and camping cup, folding cutlery.

-hygiene and protection products such as mosquito repellents or microfibre towels.

freeze-dried dishes.

And of course backpacks to carry all this.


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  • Tents

    How to choose your hiking tent.
    The purchase of your hiking tent is a very important element in the constitution of your hiking package. In order to choose the lucky woman, it is necessary to determine what use, where and when you will bivouac with your hiking tent and what mode of transport you will use.
    The different uses of your tent.
    Whether on foot, by bike or by canoe, you will change places every day and set up and dismantle your tent every day. Choose a lightweight, 3-season tent that is easy to assemble with colour-coded poles. For bikepacking enthusiasts, there are tents with shortened hoops to attach the storage bag to the hanger or frame.
    -The ultra light hike.
    You want to go fast, take the bare essentials and are on the lookout for the smallest gram in your equipment. Adapters of ultra-light walking (MUL) will choose tents that are mostly less than one kg for two people. Nemo, MSR, Big Agnes, Helsport, Camp each provide extremely lightweight and high quality products. Of course, this minimum weight has a disadvantage with a greater fragility in the canvas. The hoops will not allow you to face winter or windy conditions.
    -Expeditions and high mountains.
    You will need to choose a 4-season tent whose construction and materials can withstand snow, storms and heavy rainfall. The Scandinavian manufacturers Hilleberg and Helsport specialise in shipping tents with impeccable manufacturing quality. Of course, each brand has a 4-season program in its offer.
    -The campsite.
    You will stay several days in the same place. The weight of the tent doesn't matter, what you need is comfort. Space also and especially in height. Tipis can be a good choice for base camps. In recent years, we have also seen the appearance of hanging tents. Tentsile is a pioneer in this segment. This is another way to approach the bivouac.
    The shape of the tent
    There are 3 types of tents:
    -The dome tent:
    It has the particularity of being self-supporting, i. e. it generally stands alone with two crossed hoops, if the weather is mild, there is no need to guy it. There are now hoops fixed together by means of a central hub. This makes it easier to fold the poles and makes the tent even faster to set up. For expedition tents, the construction is geodesic with more hoops crossing each other for better wind and snow resistance.
    -The tunnel tent:
    It is not self-supporting and must be rigged to stand upright. It generally offers a large apse to store your equipment and cook under cover. The walls are more vertical than the domes and offer a larger interior space. It has good wind resistance and is often used

  • Sleeping

    You will find in this category all the products essential for a good night's sleep during your hikes and bivouacs. First of all, choose a good sleeping bag, whether it is made of synthetic material or down. Then a hiking mat to protect the sleeping bag from the ground. This one can be inflatable, self-inflatable or foldable. If you want to further improve sleeping comfort, you can opt for a bag sheet to increase the warmth of your sleeping bag and avoid getting it dirty. Finally, ultimate comfort, lie down with an inflatable or down travel pillow. We have selected for you the brands Big Agnes, Deuter, Millet, Mountain Hardwear, Nemo, Sea to Summit, Sierra Design Sol and Thermarest.

  • Stoves

    Whether you are a trekker, camper, mountaineer, hunter, fisherman etc., autonomy requires a diet based on hot meals. The stove will be an integral part of your kit, just like your tent or sleeping bag during your adventures.

    What type of stove to choose? Not so obvious. This will depend mainly on where you use your stove. There are 4 main categories of stoves, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

    Gas stoves

    These are the most commonly used stoves in outdoor applications. They are reliable and easy to use. They require little maintenance, the flame adjustment is precise and the heating time is fast. The latter can be further improved with optimized stoves with integrated burner, diffuser and popote.

    Cartridges in standard sizes of 100g, 230g and 450g are used. The international standard is the valve cartridge that is screwed in and out. Most brands of stoves (MSR, Optimus, Jetboil) use this system. In France we know, Campingaz pierceable cartridges not compatible with these stoves ( there are adapters) and very difficult to find abroad.

    However, gas stoves have some disadvantages:

    -You can't take your cartridges with you by plane and it's not always easy to find them in remote places. We are obliged to bring the number of cartridges we need since they are not rechargeable.

    -the gas cartridges do not withstand altitude and cold very well. To optimize mixing and efficiency at low temperatures, use a remote and inverted cartridge stove.

    -Not reusable, they produce waste (please don't throw them into the wild).

    Multi-fuel stoves

    Multi-fuel stoves work with a liquid that is pressurized in a suitable cylinder. They generally accept C gasoline, unleaded gasoline, kerosene, kerosene and diesel fuel. Some stoves, with an additional burner, can be converted into a gas stove.

    The advantages of the liquid fuel stove:

    -fuel can easily be found anywhere in the world.

    -it is more economical to use than the gas stove.

    -It works well in cold weather and high altitude, it is the perfect stove for expeditions in hostile terrain.

    The disadvantages of the liquid fuel stove:

    -The implementation is more difficult, there is a preheating time. Pressure can be difficult to apply in very cold weather.

    -It requires regular maintenance

    Wood stoves

    The interest of the wood stove and that you do not need to carry your fuel. Moreover, its effectiveness is quite remarkable. There is no waste (empty gas cylinders) and wood is free:).

    However, its use is limited (presence of wood and prohibition to use it, in national parks for example). Incomplete combustion will produce soot and blacken your kitchen utensils.

    The implementation can be complicated if the wood is wet.

    Alcohol stoves

    It's the stove to help out. Whether in liquid, solid or gel form, alcohol is easily and cheaply available. There is no maintenance.

    However, combustion efficiency is much lower than other types of stoves and there will be almost no way to regulate the heating power.

  • Cooking

    You will find in this category everything you need to cook during your bivouacs, hikes and camping. To heat food during your hikes, you will need a stove. The stoves are either gas, liquid fuel or wood stoves. We also offer you all the kitchen accessories: camping plate, camping cup, camping cup, camping cup, forks, spoon and camping knives. These camping utensils are made of plastic, aluminium or titanium. We have also selected freeze-dried dishes for your hikes.

  • Hygiene and Comfort

    Essential during your travels and hikes, hygiene and comfort products will make your trip more pleasant. Discover our selection of travel soaps, travel towels, mosquito repellents, travel laundry and small luggage.  

  • Camping chairs and tables
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Showing 1 - 12 of 1179 items