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Technical women's wear

Technical women's wear

Women's technical wear

Despite the overall increase in temperatures in winter, it is essential to be well equipped to brave the peaks, take a family mountain walk, go tobogganing, skiing, hiking, or "snowshoeing". Having high-performance equipment adapted to your needs has become essential to resist the elements and practice your mountain activi...

Women's technical wear

Despite the overall increase in temperatures in winter, it is essential to be well equipped to brave the peaks, take a family mountain walk, go tobogganing, skiing, hiking, or "snowshoeing". Having high-performance equipment adapted to your needs has become essential to resist the elements and practice your mountain activity with comfort and safety. Note that depending on the discipline chosen, the equipment will not necessarily be the same as any other discipline. Today, women's technical textiles have evolved considerably, both from a technical and aesthetic point of view, whether you are a competitor, a leisure practitioner, a beginner or a regular, a fashionista or a more basic one. Technical clothing becomes a real ally that promotes movement, wicks away perspiration and limits the presence of outside humidity, in style. We offer you a wide range of products that will keep you warm and dry during your trips (in the mountains), whatever the weather. The idea is to effectively protect your body from the cold, external and internal humidity.

But then, how to dress during your winter expeditions?

First of all, it is essential to wear a first coat.
Underwear keeps warm and warms up the body's most sensitive parts. More and more manufacturers such as Icebreaker or Ortovox use merino wool as a first coat. Merino wool has the impressive ability to absorb large amounts of moisture without appearing wet. It transports moisture to the core of the fibre before gradually releasing it. At the same time, it regulates the temperature, prevents unpleasant odours from perspiration (antibacterial fabric) and dries quickly, as much as synthetic. Merino wool is the most functional fibre in the world. It is the best material for professional technical underwear. To sum up, merino wool protects the body from perspiration and this is essential in the mountains, where you must avoid getting cold. It is also a biodegradable material that is part of the sustainable development process of companies.
In fact, first coats are useful in all seasons, especially in winter. Why? Winter sports cause a wide temperature range between perspiration during exercise and cooling during breaks.

Then, depending on the weather, you can wear a second layer, which will bring more warmth to your body. Powerstretches can be an interesting choice to stay warm, while having a breathable and comfortable product to wear during exercise. The Millet LD Trilogy Ultimate Power Hoodie is perfect for your winter sessions. Indeed, it is perfectly suited for long mountain expeditions, as a complement to your protective jacket. It is durable and abrasion-resistant thanks to the Cordura Powerfleece material.
The softshells, considered as jackets, are appreciated for spring alpine skiing, very breathable, but also for cross-country skiing, walking, or trekking. Namely that softshells are not waterproof, but windproof. The Ultimate V Tour So Hooded softshell, despite its extreme lightness, is a windproof jacket that keeps all its promises. Polar fleece clothing to effectively fight the cold can also be a tool adapted to mountain practice.

Finally, a third layer is essential in case of wind, rain, humidity, or snow. An anorak can therefore be a solution to stay out of the weather, while remaining free in its movements.
The famous Gore Tex is perfect for thermal insulation, and offers excellent water repellency and waterproofing, and wicks away perspiration, but you still have to choose the right Gore Tex jacket, because all have their own characteristics (Gore Tex pro for alpine practices / Gore Tex active very breathable/2.5 layers more focused on the city). For example, the Millet mountaineering jacket in the Trilogy range (LD Trilogy Ultimate GTX JKT) offers perfect and exceptional waterproofing (Gore Tex) and has ventilation openings under the arms to release excess heat.
Moreover, to preserve your Gore Tex jacket for a long time, pay attention to the care conditions.

In addition, it will be important to choose comfortable pants that insulate from moisture and allow you a lot of freedom of movement on difficult terrain or steep passages.

For all these technical reasons, a wide range of products has been carefully selected by experts in extreme cold and snow sports. We offer you anoraks, softshells, first layers, pants, socks, gloves, and hats that will help you


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  • Jackets

    WOMEN'S jackets

    In the mountains, whether you are a beginner or experienced in a practice, it is essential to have a high-performance anorak adapted to your discipline. Having a good anorak should keep you dry and warm throughout your practice. It is therefore important to make the right choice from a very wide range of anoraks available. Each anorak has its own characteristics that can be decisive for practicing its discipline in good conditions and thus spend a good time in the mountains. Our anoraks can be adapted to all your needs, each with the minimum safety required for any mountain clothing.

    In addition, the brands have clearly understood the challenge of creating anoraks adapted to the female morphology and expectations of women. Today, women's winter sports jackets are both technical and aesthetic. They offer a multitude of shapes and colours (from the simplest to the most original) while maintaining excellent breathability and waterproofing. Thanks in particular to technological developments, women's technical textiles are increasingly modern, which has enabled anoraks to take on a whole new look.

    The time for multicoloured anoraks without shapes and uncomfortable is over. Brands are increasingly relying on comfortable but also aesthetic clothing. In addition, it is interesting to be able to benefit from a good price-quality ratio. The anoraks range from 70 euros to 750 euros, which leaves room for all budgets and desires.

    Moreover, the vast majority of materials allow anoraks to be lighter, while offering exceptional insulating capacity. The clothes become comfortable, light, warm, breathable, water-repellent and even waterproof. The idea is to have an anorak that highlights the woman's silhouette, with a slim fit, to have a real look. With this in mind, you can count on Picture's versatile WEEKEND jacket, which combines technicality and style! It is equipped with a Dry System thermal lining to wick away perspiration and 80 grs insulation to keep you warm. Its slim fit and pink/purple color will enhance your femininity.

  • Pants

    Women's pants

    Ski trouser technologies have evolved over the past few years to become more and more technical. The best international brands have developed pants that protect against cold, wind, humidity and perspiration. In addition, all the pants selected by experts are lightweight and abrasion-resistant. No more sponge pants that take on water as soon as the first flakes appear. Beyond their increasingly advanced technicality, women's technical trousers are also very comfortable, aesthetic, and thus allow great freedom, fluidity and ease of movement. And we expect no less to enjoy the mountains this winter. These are characteristics that can be found in all the brands we offer among a selected range of technical trousers.
    To choose your technical women's pants, it will be a matter of clarifying what you need them for. Are you more of a ski tourer? Alpine skiing? Or hiking? Free-ride? Depending on your activity, you may not have to choose the same garment. If you ski downhill, the pants should have features such as waterproofness and warmth. If you prefer ski touring, you should choose pants that favour movement with a stretch fabric, that is water-repellent, with ventilation zips, and that have gaiters. However, an outfit for one practice is not necessarily incompatible for another practice. Your practice will simply be simplified by choosing one outfit over another.
    For example, Gore Tex pants can be a very interesting solution for downhill skiing. It is a membrane that offers total waterproofing (28,000 mm) in addition to good breathability thanks to an extraordinary membrane technology. This is due to the structure of the textile: it is equipped with microscopic perforations, the diameter of which has been perfectly studied. These tiny tiny holes allow water in the gaseous state, in the form of steam, to pass through the fabric, thus evacuating perspiration. On the other hand, when the water drops are in a liquid state, they are too chemically voluminous to pass through the textile. The main idea is to stay dry all day to enjoy the mountain more.

    You can find on the Speck-Sports website a very wide range of women's technical trousers, from the most sophisticated to the least sophisticated, from the most to the least expensive too. You can also find all types of styles, all types of shapes, all types of colors to have the most suitable outfit for your morphology, your practice and your tastes.
    If you practice freeriding or freestyle, Dare2b's Free Scopeii ski and snowboard pants seem particularly suitable. It protects from the cold with a layer of inflatable polyester insulation lined with fleece on the top of the legs.
    For climbing, ski touring, mountaineering or outdoor activities, Montura Vertigo pants will be a wise choice that will offer you exceptional comfort. In addition, its fabric is particularly resistant to tearing and pilling.
    Finally, if you are looking for pants that fit your legs, the Bogner Ski pants Emilia off white will be perfect. It will ensure not only warmth but also distinction on the slopes.

    The team

  • Softshell-fleece

    Softshells and fleeces WOMEN

    You will soon be hiking for several days and you hesitate between a polar and a softshell? Or are you more of a day hiker? In fact, depending on your practice, the purchase of a garment may not necessarily be the same. Hiking experts explain it to you.
    In which situations is it advisable to wear a fleece?
    The fleeces we offer are light, warm, comfortable and pretty. And yes, the time for deformed and sad polar fleeces is over. On the other hand, polar fleeces provide heat at low or even extreme temperatures and wick away moisture very quickly during exercise. They will therefore prevent any sensation of cold. In addition, they offer great freedom of movement and ensure perfect durability. It is a fabric that makes it possible to offer both economically interesting textiles and high-performance clothing.
    Polar fleece clothing is very versatile and therefore suitable for many different winter activities. Indeed, they are perfectly suitable for women skiers, hikers, everyday life but also for work clothes. Often, those who work outside often use fleece clothing.
    Polar fleeces are therefore an almost essential choice in winter. This is why we offer you a wide range of fleeces, with a feminine and sporty design, which beyond their technicality, will bring you a casual or more elegant style, which will flatter your silhouette. The Dare2b Superla Sweater White fleece will provide you with comfort and warmth, whether you wear a second layer to stay warm on the slopes or when you return from skiing. This fleece is a real cocoon of well-being composed of yokes made of shiny fabrics. It is stylish and will distinguish you on the slopes. In addition, the fleeces are very easy to clean, and offer fast drying and do not require ironing!

    However, beware of fabric softeners and softeners that deteriorate the technical properties of polar fleece and in particular their insulating properties. Remember to respect the washing conditions to keep your garment long-lasting.
    In addition, unlike softshell, polar clothing is often neither windproof nor water-repellent.

    But then, how do you choose between a softshell and a polar?

    Unlike polar fleeces, softshells have water-repellent and windproof characteristics. But like polar fleeces, softshells have the advantage of being very hot, so you will never be cold. The quality of the fabric makes it a second durable layer that will stand the test of time.
    The softshell, in general, must be worn under a waterproof membrane, but it can also be worn alone in cold and dry weather. 
    So, softshell clothing serves both as a second layer and a little bit of a third layer. They are generally:
    Water repellents (water runs off the outer fabric) - which is partly the role of the third layer.
    Non-impermeable (water can therefore pass through the fabric).
    Insulators (more or less depending on the model) - which is the role of the second layer.
    Small bad weather conditions
    A softshell is therefore very useful when it is cold and windy. Without softshell, in these conditions, you would have to put a rain jacket over your fleece to cut yourself off from the wind and you would lose a lot of breathability - which can be embarrassing during an effort.
    The big advantage of the softshell is that it can withstand small weather conditions. Thanks to their windproof and water-repellent properties, they prevent you from constantly leaving and storing your rain jacket in the bag. The Dare2b Dilatant Core softshell is ideal for skiing, hiking, climbing and other outdoor activities, for example, and will give you a distinctive look with its soft diamond jacquard mesh construction.
    Cold weather without wind
    When it is cold and there is no wind, a fleece is more practical and comfortable during an effort. Indeed, they are more breathable than a softshell. In addition, a fleece usually dries faster.
    Severe weather conditions
    When it rains or snows too much, however, you reach the limits of the softshell and it is better to wear a rain jacket to stay dry. The idea is to combine a rain jacket with a fleece to make an effort because the more breathable this combination will be. It is quite possible to put a rain jacket over a softshell, but the breathability will be worse and you will risk sweating more, and then getting cold.

  • Underwear


    The main qualities that athletes are entitled to expect from good underwear are lightness, comfort, technicality, breathability, softness, heat diffusion, and sweat wicking without generating unpleasant odours. Indeed, mountain activities, as they are, are very demanding from an energy point of view. The body does real physical work, and therefore sweats. Therefore, it is essential to have a technical underwear that can wick away this perspiration so that you don't feel cold during your practice. In fact, the first layer, even if you can't see it, is fundamental to be effective in your practice.

    Thus, we offer you within a complete range, many models of underwear, which will allow you to stay warm in winter, and cool in summer. More and more manufacturers are using 100% natural merino wool as a material. Merino wool has the exceptional ability to meet all our needs. Whether you are a contemplative sportsman, a mountaineer exposed to extreme conditions, or just to go to work, merino wool will be your ally. It will reliably protect your body in all situations to maintain homeostasis.

    Merino wool has so many advantages that if you don't try it, it's hard to believe.
    But then, what are they?

    Come on, let's do the enumeration. First of all, it has an insulating power. It does not scratch on contact with the skin as one might imagine; it is a durable alternative to synthetic fibres, it is biodegradable, it wicks away moisture, it is antistatic, it continues to heat up even when wet, it has no smell, it is light, it does not wrinkle, it keeps its shape, it has an antibacterial effect. Therefore, if you want to go 10 days in the mountains, it will not be necessary to bring 10 cotton T-shirts. All you need to do is bring 2 or 3 merino wool t-shirts to be dry and smell good all along your journey. This is mainly due to the structure of the wool fibre, which prevents bacteria from clinging to it with ease. It is these bacteria that cause bad smells. So if you are tired of smelly cotton fabrics during and after exercise, think merino wool. The latter is in fact self-cleaning, and thus makes it possible to wash clothes less often. If you hike for several days, just let your wool air out, and you can put it back the next day.

    Have a nice hike.

  • Gloves

    The gloves

    Most of us have already suffered a soaked glove after a snowball fight, an igloo building or an afternoon on the slopes. The sensation of frozen fingers is then really unpleasant. That's why, whether you're skiing in the mountains, roaring in your neighbour's field, snowshoeing in the forest or discovering Canada's far north, you'll need high-performance gloves to protect your hands and fingers from the cold and humidity.
    To keep your hands dry and warm, mountain and extreme cold experts have selected a wide range of gloves, undergloves and mittens for your winter outings. Most of the gloves we offer are warm, waterproof, thermally insulating, lightweight and wick away perspiration. The anti-silver ion anti-odour treatment "EFFECT by ODLO" anti-bacterial offers athletes a feeling of freshness all day long. You will also find gloves at all prices, in all materials, in all designs, all colours, for all tastes and for all levels: professional, amateur, leisure, competition, and for all practices.

    How to choose your gloves?
    Ideally, the choice of a pair of gloves will be based on your main practice. Do you practice alpine skiing instead? Cross-country skiing? The motorcycle? In addition, the choice of gloves will depend on their size, the material of manufacture, the technology proposed and of course the style, so that the gloves match the jacket. Having the right glove is essential to protect yourself effectively from the cold and possible falls. When it comes to choosing the gloves according to your practice, the K-sport glove from Ski Trab is the perfect glove for hiking and ski mountaineering. When conditions deteriorate, simply unfold the overglove to transform the gloves into mittens and gain heat. If you are more technology-oriented, then why not choose the comfort and thermal heat of Racer's CONNECTIC3 motorcycle gloves. They are equipped with a new thermoregulated heating system. It allows to gain 50% more autonomy; with 3 heating levels. In addition, the XC Alpha Rossignol mittens, made of nylon, provide additional protection in the event of bad weather. I-TIP technology incorporates a conductive material on the tip of the thumb and index finger to handle most touch screens, including your smartphone, while keeping your hands warm.

    Glove sealing, the base.
    Keeping hands dry is essential. This is why the Gore-Tex membrane is used on many models of ski gloves. It keeps hands dry and closes the wrist in a more enveloping way. Gore-Tex, a perfectly breathable waterproof fabric, with cuffs on some models that go up high on the wrist, can be a suitable solution for those who can already see themselves on the snow this winter. Its windproof effectiveness and excellent permeability allow good evacuation of perspiration while retaining heat inside the glove. This is how we offer the Moven4 muffle, especially for skiers who feel cold. With its fleece lining combined with a waterproof, windproof and breathable Gore Tex membrane, the muffle will protect your hands from the cold.

    Do it well.
    The team.

  • Beanies

    In winter, when temperatures are close to 0, a hat is essential. According to Gérarl Kierzek, emergency doctor at Hôtel Dieu in Paris and author of "Have the right reflexes", to better withstand the sometimes negative temperatures, you have to cover your head. Indeed, it is through the head that we lose the most heat. About 30% of body heat escapes through the head. It means taking a hat and always wearing the right equipment in your upper body.

    Fortunately, you're in the right place to cover your head. Indeed, we have selected a wide range of hats, headbands, hoods, necklaces and chapkas for your winter expeditions. You will find technical, fun, trendy, sophisticated, or more sober products that will protect your head from the winter cold. You will also find caps at all prices. The most affordable models will be made of synthetic fibres (acrylic - polyester), which will not prevent them from being warm and light. On the other hand, their ability to manage humidity and odours during intensive and prolonged use is limited. There are other models that are lined in fleece inside the cap. You will enjoy optimal softness and comfort. For the most demanding of you, we offer you wool caps, extremely soft when they are made from merino sheep. This wool has the ability to manage moisture like no other material. It can store up to 30% of its own weight in water, and even saturated with water, it will remain warm, and at the same time, it will be anti-bacterial and therefore odourless, even after several days of use.

    In addition, we offer several cup designs that will meet all your expectations. Indeed, there are different cuts, including cups that fall well on the neck for those who feel cold or curlers with voluminous hair, cups with timeless pompons, with solid colors, printed, stripes, patterns, and knitted in a classic or more original way, to punctuate the snowy decor with colorful touches. To assert your style on the slopes, we offer you the tricolor hat JON de Rossignol. Both trendy and chic, you will have no trouble distinguishing yourself with its Rossignol pompom and badge. Aesthetics does not prevent the technique because it keeps your head out of the cold. Just like Vertical's BEANIE hat which limits perspiration.
    Headbands, beyond their technical characteristics, give a sporty and dynamic look. For example, the RS HEADBAND is a warm and efficient headband. Its slightly scraped technical material retains heat. The front is windproof and protects from the cold. Due to its slim fit, it will stay in place during training and running.
    Hoods, on the other hand, protect the cheeks and chin from external weather conditions. Odlo's multi-purpose hood has excellent thermal protection while being breathable and comfortable thanks to its thermal fabric that evacuates and dries quickly. The "Effect by Odlo" silver ion anti-odour treatment gives a feeling of freshness all day long.
    Finally, when temperatures drop too low, it is sometimes necessary to invest in a chapka. The latter, which are of Russian and Scandinavian origin, have the particularity of having ear protection, and which go down low on the neck. For lovers of Nordic travel, chapkas will be an essential accessory.
    Finally, choosing a hat is a bit like showing your personality on the slopes. Then we might as well choose him because he's the one we'll see first.

  • Socks

    The socks

    Let's end with frozen toes skiing, icy feet hiking in winter, wet and sweaty feet during a trail, and the famous blisters on the Achilles tendon! Let us also forget our grandmothers' remedies, even if we love them very much. Because no no no, putting newspaper in your shoes is not ideal. We can also forget the superposition of 4 pairs of socks which will only result in compression and friction of the foot on the shoe. Socks, as we all know, are not the most glamorous accessories you want to show your friends; however, they are essential to enjoy your outdoor activities, in summer and winter.

    That's why we'll share with you the secrets and advice of experts, who have already had their feet soaked, to help you choose the right pair of socks. The main idea is to adapt your socks to your practice; and yes, you can imagine that a sock for skiing will not be designed in the same way as a trail sock. They will have to adapt to your shoes, the outside temperature, your sensitivity, and of course to your foot!

    The 10 commandments of the sock
    (from the New Testament "Socks are at the party")

    Commandment 1: You will protect your feet, but also all other extremities of the body.
    If you protect all your extremities properly, you will maintain your blood flow. If, on the other hand, you continue to lose heat with your hands or head in the air, the phenomenon of vasoconstriction will occur and freeze your feet, even if they are well wrapped!

    Commandment 2: You will choose a good pair of shoes, because socks don't do everything.
    Today, it is easy to find a pair of highly technical shoes at an affordable price.

    Commandment 3: You will choose your pair of socks according to your sporting practice.
    For each activity, there is a pair of socks. Light and breathable for running, comfortable and airy for hiking, warm and padded for skiing: each sport requires different technical specifications, so it is essential to choose your socks according to your practice.

    Commandment 4: You will avoid cotton.
    Cotton is to be avoided if you are cold or if you sweat pious pious. Prefer merino wool for rapid heat transfer and sweat wicking for those facing heavy foot sweating during exercise. Merino wool will even be suitable for sensitive skin.

    Commandment 5: You will choose a pair of socks with good support.
    A good hiking sock support does not slip under your toes or down on your calf. The presence of an elastic band on the kick guarantees good support, but be careful if you have a strong foot, it can bother you and compress the top of your foot. The presence of elastane also makes it possible to give a greater stretch to your hiking socks while guaranteeing a good life span.

    Commandment 6: You will choose a pair of socks suitable for your shoes.
    There are low, medium and high hiking socks. As you might expect, it is absolutely not advisable to combine low hiking socks with high hiking boots, as this can cause considerable irritation to your skin due to friction.
    Commandment 7: You will choose your pair of socks according to the outside temperature.
    Another point to judge well: the outside temperature! Indeed, it is essential to have both hiking socks adapted for the off-season and/or summer as well as specific hiking socks to manage winter conditions!

    Commandment 8: You will choose flat socks.
    When choosing your pair of hiking socks, it is important to check that the seams are flat, especially in the toe area, in order to minimize unnecessary pressure points that all too often generate blisters after a few hours of walking. The best way to optimize your comfort, however, is to choose a pair of hiking socks that offer an anatomical shape with both left and right feet. The adjustment becomes much more precise, whatever the shape of your feet and calves

    Commandment 9: You will choose socks according to the size of your foot.
    Gentlemen, don't steal the pair of Madam, you probably don't have the same size. It is at your own risk and peril;)

    Commandment 10: GOOD LUCK to choose.

  • Racing suit
  • Winter shoes

    Women's après-ski shoes

    Women's après-ski shoes have become a must after a long day of winter sports. They have many advantages, and once you try them, you won't be able to do without them. Indeed, most of them provide great comfort and softness for your feet, which can be tired after a day of skiing. In addition, they will keep your feet dry and warm with waterproof, insulated and non-slip shoes. Whether you are in town, in the countryside or in the mountains in winter, after-ski boots will become an essential piece of equipment to recover from your day's efforts. In addition, manufacturers have designed shoes that are both technical and original. Indeed, you can count on them to have a sporty, sober or more feminine look. The collections we offer are original, or more classic. In fact, the models are getting nicer and nicer, as pleasant to look at as they are to wear. However, they retain their main characteristic: to protect your feet from the cold. For a chic and elegant style, in the city or in the mountains, you can choose the Megeve Shiny Grey shoe from Rossignol. This new boot adapts to all winter conditions and provides exceptional walking comfort. It combines technicality and comfort, and symbolizes the know-how that Rossignol has developed over the past 110 years. And yes, these boots are really incredible. Indeed, they relax the foot and stimulate blood circulation. You can keep your feet warm and dry all winter long, regardless of weather conditions, thanks to Wintherm® active insulation technology. You will have a perfect grip, on snow and ice, with many crampons, while having a glamorous and feminine look to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the resort once the evening comes, or to lug with the family.
    In fact, these après-ski boots will be very practical to go for a walk with pleasure after a day of skiing, go to the restaurant for a fondue, go shopping in the valley's shops, in short, you can walk on frozen ground or in the snow without fear of getting your feet wet and slipping.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 506 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 506 items