Here are a few tips to help you make your choice of alpine skis and select the model that suits you best.

Before buying your skis, it is essential to define your technical level. A model adapted to your level will give you maximum pleasure and comfort!

– Beginner : for you, skiing is brand new! You alternate skidding and snowploughing. You ski at low speed on green or blue slopes.

– Intermediate : turns and skis parallel, you start to feel comfortable and evolve on red slopes.

– Confirmed : no matter the color, you ski down all the slopes, but of course you can still improve.

– Expert : skiing is your domain. Your technique allows you to experience intense sliding sensations on and off piste, you master all types of terrain and know all the turning techniques.


To find a model adapted to your use and your desires, you have to define the terrain on which you wish to evolve.

– Slope : Adept of the slope, you like to enjoy the whole ski area.

– All Mountain : You love the slopes but are open to discover what’s happening next door, when conditions allow it! Opt for a versatile ski that will allow you to be at ease on all types of snow.

– Freeride : You spend most of your time off-piste looking for powder. Your goal: to make your own tracks. Choose a long ski with a wide skate for more lift in fresh snow.

– Freestyle : Kickers, rails and half-pipe, the snowpark has no more secrets for you. Adopt a short ski with double spatulas to improve the pop and make your jumps easier.


The size of your skis depends on your size but also on your level and your practice. Short skis allow for better handling and long skis offer more stability and lift. A beginner skier or a freestyle enthusiast will therefore opt for skis at nose height while an experienced skier, a speed freak or a freerider will prefer a longer ski.

To help you determine your ideal ski size, please refer to the table below: