To begin with, what is Boot Fitting?

The term comes from the English “boot” which means shoe and “fitting” which means adjustment. So Boot Fitting allows you to perfectly adjust the shoe to your foot and not the other way around. No more blisters, pressure points or pain of any kind.

How do you achieve a perfect fit for a mass-produced shoe? It is true that each foot is unique, unlike ski boots. Therefore, it is possible to first thermoform the liner of the boot to reduce compression points. Then, you can modify the shell of the boot. Finally, if certain pains persist, particularly in the arch of the foot, custom-made insoles can be installed in the shoe.

Before any modification of your shoe, it is important to define the morphology of your foot. To do this, Speck-Sports offers a precise and individualized analysis of your foot thanks to the 3D SCANNER VANDRA from Bootdoc. This scanner developed in collaboration with the Swedish start-up Volumental sets new standards in 3D visualization. Thanks to its ultra-sophisticated 4-camera ultrasound technology, both feet are measured individually to obtain a 3D rendering in only a few seconds. Not only the width of the foot and the length are measured, but also the arch of the foot, the height of the instep and all sorts of information to allow our consultants to directly target the right shoe for your foot.

How does it work? All you have to do is get on the 3D SCANNER VANDRA, no need to change your socks or to have special equipment, the machine will take care of the rest.

Nevertheless, despite a very good visualization of your foot, it may be that the shoe does not fit you 100%. This is when the second Bootdoc adjustment tool comes into play: the Ultracam Up Basic, which consists of a widening arm and an arm for the ankle area.


The Ultracam will heat the shoe in order to better modulate the shell. Once this shell is heated, your Speck-Sports technician will be able to modify the shoe so that it fits perfectly to your foot to avoid all kinds of compression points. Once the shoe is thermoformed, a compressed air cooling system allows the shoe to return to its original temperature.
As you are numerous in store, Speck-Sports has equipped itself with a second widening arm so that your waiting time is reduced in store.

Finally, to complete the customization of your shoe, a Speck-Sports technician will be able to recommend a sole to put inside your shoe based on the scan results.

Remember that a boot is the first element between your body and the snow, it must therefore be the best adapted to your foot for reasons of comfort, performance, but also safety.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in our store, the entire Speck-Sports team wishes you the best season possible.


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